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The Yamaha X-Ride gets an update in Indonesia

Should Yamaha introduce the X-Ride to the Philippine market?

Yamaha X-Ride

In one of our Southeast Asian neighboring countries, Yamaha has just released an updated model of one of its scooters - the new X-Ride that has yet to make its way to our shores.

Yamaha X-Ride

Recently released in Indonesia, the Yamaha X-Ride is its latest scooter offering meant to rival the Honda Zoomer-X, a modern iteration of the classic and custom-friendly Honda Ruckus. For the Indonesian market, Yamaha was adamant about taking a piece of the market share that the Zoomer-X currently has in the segment.

Yamaha X-Ride

The X-Ride has details that are very similar to that of the Zoomer-X, with its stacked headlights, single-sided swingarm, and even its clamshell-style instrument cluster. However, Yamaha took the X-Ride a notch up by including some new bright colors, camouflage livery, and even gave it some light off-road capabilities. They also took notice of the shortcomings of the Zoomer-X by lowering the handlebar, and completely sealing the under-seat storage. The X-Ride is powered by a 125 cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder engine capable of producing 9.4 hp at 8,000 RPM and 9.6 Nm of torque at 5,500 RPM. 

Over the past couple of months, Yamaha has had its hands quite full with its recent motorcycle releases in the Philippines. They just introduced us to the highly-anticipated XSR155 modern classic, its best-selling scooter the NMAX, and the WR 155R. While we haven’t had any official word if Yamaha has any plans of releasing the X-Ride to the country, it could prove to be a great addition especially now that the Zoomer-X is no longer offered in Honda’s current scooter lineup. 

Yet, even Honda has a whole slew of capable scooter offerings like the ADV 150, Click 150i, and Airblade since the Zoomer-X was dropped from the lineup. Despite this, do you think the X-Ride could still make a strong selling proposition for Yamaha to introduce it to the Philippines, perhaps as a more affordable rival to Honda’s off-road biased ADV 150?

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