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Lifan unveils its new Ducati Scrambler-looking Hunter 125

It takes very familiar cues along with an assumingly affordable price tag.

Lifan Hunter 125

Lifan, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer has just released the Hunter 125 that bears a resemblance to Ducati’s Scrambler motorcycle range. As a matter of fact, the Hunter 125 was first introduced back in 2017 to Thailand’s booming small-bike market. As to Lifan’s entry into the Phlippines, that remains to be seen. 

Lifan Hunter 125

Lifan started its business as a motorcycle repair shop back in 1992. Throughout the years, the company’s business eventually grew into producing motorcycles in its own right distributed all over China and its neighboring countries including Thailand and the Philippines. However, the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer also had a business relationship with Italian motorcycle manufacturers across the globe. In 2014, they entered into an agreement with MV Agusta as its sole distributor for the Chinese market. 

Lifan Hunter 125
Lifan Hunter 125

The Lifan Hunter 125 captures some very familiar design cues from a similar bike. From its silhouette, tank, headlight, trellis frame, down to the exhaust and instrument cluster, albeit on a much smaller scale. It is powered by an air-cooled 125 cc engine with fuel injection and mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. It rolls on 14-inch wheels that you normally see on most scooters for the front and rear. Stopping duties are provided by standard disc brakes on both the front and rear. The exhaust is also composed of two mufflers that have a very distinct and European look, again similar to what we can expect from a certain Italian manufacturer. 

Lifan’s business also manufactures motorcycles under different brands for distributors around the world. In any case, it still makes for a good-looking little motorcycle that would be more accessible to most people. With a price tag of nearly just a fifth of a brand new Ducati Scrambler, we wouldn’t be so surprised if we start seeing the Lifan Hunter roaming around and weaving through the Metro Manila traffic in the near future with owners kitting them out to create their own concepts. 

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