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2019 Honda CB1000R - On the Saddle

“It is something else.”

Nico tells us that you won’t need a time machine to get classic styling from a bike in the Philippines. The 2019 Honda CB1000R returns after a 2-year hiatus from the Japanese manufacturer to give us this neo-classic sports bike with 4 cylinders, a thousand CCs, and class hidden in its seamless bodywork. 

998 CCs, neo-classic styling, and it’s a Honda. The CB1000R, the last bike you would expect to see with a round headlight, and boy does it look good. Just seeing this bike in person is not enough to justify the quality on the body work. It’s seamless, no edges, just flowing sheet metal with no roughness that lets you hug the bike tightly and comfortably as you’re ripping through the road. 

It’s engine will bring you from a standstill to – well however fast you want to go. Let’s just put it that way, it’s a beautiful beast. With a round headlight, it gives you the impression that it’s a laid back cruiser. Trust us, looks can be deceiving, it’s not a cruiser, but it is a sports bike that still remains pliant on Philippine roads. 

Nico finds that the suspension strikes a good balance between sporty handling, and long ride comfort. On that note, the seat can give you the confidence to shift your weight and bank a corner because it isn’t just the engine that inspires confidence, but the bike as a whole.

As seen in the video, it’ll only cost you P865,000 in order to have this Honda. For the price you really might not find anything better. Premium in both looks and performance, Nico would gladly get one for himself, if he had some extra coin. It was a sad day at the office when he had to hand his test unit over to our friends at Moto Bisyo. 

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