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Watch Husqvarna take its Norden 901 Prototype through Iceland

The Norden goes north.

Husqvarna Norden 901

The Norden goes north this time around with another more adventurous video by Husqvarna. Things are definitely heating up as the imminent launch of the Norden 901 approaches, and Husqvarna’s video only cements our excitement for the new adventure-tourer. 

Teaser after teaser, the brand has been churning out marketing material from its Swedish production house on the design process of its latest project. Yes, the Norden 901 will sport KTM bits, but this is uncharted territory for the Swedish brand. We see some people riding their Svartpilen 401s like adventure bikes all the time in the Philippines, so it’s about time that a proper adventure-tourer were to come out of Husqvarna’s design studio. 

In the video, two riders embarked on one of the most beautiful trips captured on video. Explorer Mike Horn and Dakar Rally winner Cyril Despres went on a journey through the snow-covered landscapes on pre-production 901s. Iceland offers a lot to see, and the Norden stands out against a rather gray background. Still beautiful, but melancholic at the same time. 

The views are stunning, but the bikes are equally as intriguing. We get a few shots of the bike as it is being ridden over the Icelandic landscape. Horn and Despres talk about how adventure touches the heart and gives life its flavor. Feeling and seeing everything around you is just better on a motorcycle. Through the blistering cold of Iceland, the pair pushed on and kept on going crossing gorges and gorgeous landscapes along the way. 

Talking by a campfire, Horn and Despres lament about how having a ridding buddy to share all these marvelous experiences with makes a huge difference. They also go over what saddens them when an adventure ends but rebound with the idea that there is always another trip to look forward to. 

While it was not a reveal, nor a showcase, it captured the identity that the Norden 901 seeks to fulfill once it launches. The bike has capable underpinnings, and a great story right out of the gate. Just launch it already, Husqvarna. 

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