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CFMOTO’s MT-X adventure bike concept is ready to become a reality

It’s expected to be an off-road-focused variant of the 800MT.

CFMOTO’s MT-X adventure bike concept is ready to become a reality

In the context of the Philippine market, CFMOTO is a brand that needs no introduction. At the global level, the brand is poised to shake up the middleweight ADV segment with its most off-road-oriented model yet. This bike made its debut at EICMA last year, and it now appears ready to enter production. So, what makes the upcoming CFMOTO MT-X so special?

Firstly, the MT-X is based on CFMOTO’s 800 platform, which itself is derived from KTM’s 790 platform. Essentially, the MT-X, likely to be called the 800MT-X, is CFMOTO’s take on the KTM 790 Adventure Rally. Its engine, frame, and low-slung fuel tank assembly closely mirror the KTM 790. With 94 horsepower and 57 pound-feet of torque, the performance will be familiar to those acquainted with the 790 Adventure.


In terms of electronics, we can expect a high level of sophistication. The 800MT-X will likely feature multiple ride modes, switchable ABS, and other standard segment technologies. It’s also expected to come with a large full-color TFT display, similar to the one on the 800NK, catering to tech enthusiasts.

The concept version of the MT-X showcased premium components like Brembo brakes and an Akrapovič silencer. However, the production version has replaced these with more cost-effective J.Juan calipers and a standard CFMOTO-branded exhaust system.

The demand for middleweight adventure bikes is stronger than ever, spurred by models like the Yamaha Tenere 700 and KTM 790 Adventure. Manufacturers worldwide are racing to develop the ultimate middleweight ADV, often using these bikes as benchmarks.

If the 800MT-X lives up to its potential and offers a riding experience similar to the 790 Adventure Rally, it could become a standout choice in the Philippines. The combination of on-road and off-road capabilities could make it a well-rounded adventure bike, ideal for the diverse terrains and riding conditions in the country.

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