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Husqvarna’s videos make us want the Norden 901 even more

More video teasers of the Norden 901’s development only prolong our longing.

Husqvarna Norden 901

Husqvarna makes some beautiful bikes, and quite a few people have already gotten a taste for the 401 series and just how good they can get. If you want something upright, and meant for some offloading, then the Svartpilen 401 seems to be the only choice in the lineup that can either go the distance or go off the beaten path. 

Back in July, Husqvarna told the story of the Norden 901. The brand’s first-ever adventure bike that was unveiled in EICMA 2019 made waves in the industry when it was first announced, and its modern-retro design is sure to appeal to many fans and soon-to-be fans of the Swedish brand. 

The Norden 901’s story is explained in a series of videos from Husqvarna. The brand goes over the design and development process of the motorcycle. With the reputation of Husqvarna, and the following it’s developed after the first Svartpilen and Vitpilen 401 came out, the pressure’s on the development team to deliver something truly amazing. 

All aspects of the bike, from its design to its engineering, are considered and pondered upon by the Husqvarna development team. Together, everyone comes together to create something that will seamlessly marry design and performance. 

Thanks to KTM underpinnings, the performance is more or less assured, and if the photos are any indication, the design will likely attract new riders to the Husqvarna brand. Speaking of performance, the 890 Adventure makes about 91 hp, but it remains to be seen if Husky will make a change with the twin-cylinder from KTM. 

At this point, the Husky team is teasing and building up to the Norden 901’s global reveal. This is a big deal for Husqvarna fans because while you can ride long distances on the Svartpilen 401, it’s less than ideal. Thankfully, the Swedes have just the answer for would-be adventurers, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. 

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