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Would you like to see the Voge DS900X in the Philippines?

It’s essentially Loncin’s take on the BMW F 900 GS.

Would you like to see the Voge DS900X in the Philippines?

The middleweight adventure bike segment has seen a significant increase in options, particularly from Chinese manufacturers such as Benelli and CFMoto. One noteworthy addition to this burgeoning market is the DS900X, a premium ADV bike introduced by Loncin under its Voge brand. 

This bike made a significant impression when it was showcased in a production-ready form at EICMA 2023, one of the industry's most prominent exhibitions. Following its unveiling, Voge has officially launched the DS900X in Europe, aiming to capture the attention of budget-conscious riders looking for high value without sacrificing quality.

Loncin’s partnership with BMW is a crucial factor in understanding the DS900X's development. Loncin has long been a collaborator with BMW, producing engines for BMW’s F 900 series. This collaboration is evident in the DS900X, which is essentially Loncin’s version of the BMW F 900 GS

Voge DS900X

The DS900X is powered by an 895cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree crankshaft, mirroring the engine architecture of the Bavarian model. This engine produces 95 horsepower and 70 pound-feet of torque, offering slightly less power than the BMW counterpart but still delivering robust performance.

The bike’s suspension setup includes inverted KYB forks and a rear monoshock, both featuring preload and rebound damping adjustability, ensuring a versatile and comfortable ride across various terrains. For braking, the DS900X is equipped with dual Brembo calipers up front, coupled with switchable dual-channel ABS for enhanced safety and control.

In terms of technology, the DS900X comes with a range of features designed to enhance the riding experience. It includes a full-color TFT display, a built-in tire pressure monitoring system, basic navigation, and both USB and 12V charging sockets. Additionally, it offers switchable traction control and ABS, providing riders with customizable safety options.

By leveraging lower production costs and economies of scale, collaborations between mainstream brands and up and coming Chinese manufacturers make it possible to offer high-quality, affordable bikes to a broader range of motorcycle enthusiasts. The DS900X is proof this trend, combining proven engineering with accessible pricing, making it an attractive option in the competitive middleweight adventure bike market.

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