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The SXR160, Aprilia’s new scoot is teased ahead of the official launch

Aprilia’s new scooter is built for the Asian market.

Aprilia SRX160

Aprilia is no stranger to building exotic, high-performance Italian super sportbikes with the RSV4 RR still being one of the most sought-after machines to take to the track. While the brand favors racing and performance, they also have produced smaller capacity machines as capable city runabouts with the same reliability. A lot of its scooters would be seen roaming around the tight streets and alleyways found all over Europe. Aprilia’s latest scooter release, the SXR160 has eyes set on the Asian market that forms part of its new range of sharp-suited and sporty scooters. They have just released a teaser poster showcasing the SXR160’s fascia ahead of its official launch.

Aprilia SXR160

Not to be confused with Yamaha’s XSR155, Aprilia’s SXR160’s pre-production version was presented by the manufacturer during the start of 2020 and was scheduled land within the year. Yet, with the industry experiencing production halts during the onset of the global pandemic, plans of its release were shelved by the brand. It was announced that the SXR160 could be spawning smaller capacity models that could eventually reach the UK as well. While no official date yet has been announced for its official launch, the release of the teaser tells us it could be happening real soon, in fact, maybe even before Christmas. 

Aprilia SXR160

The SXR160 is powered by a three-valve single-cylinder engine shared with its other scooter offering, the SR160 that generates about 11 hp with a fuel capacity of six liters. The 160 cc model, targeted for Asia will come equipped with ABS, while the 125 cc will be using a combined braking system that could possibly be upgraded to two-channel ABS once it hits the UK and the rest of Europe. The SXR160 be offered with optional accessories such as Bluetooth connectivity, a mobile docking system, and merchandise like Aprilia helmets and apparel. It will be offered in four color options — Red, Blue, White, and Black.

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