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Peugeot launches the Django 125 210th Anniversary Edition

Peugeot commemorates its long history and legacy with a new scooter.

Peugeot Django 125 210th Anniversary Edition

The Peugeot family has had a long and rich history even before it entered the automotive industry as a manufacturer of coffee mills and bicycles in France as far back as 1810. To celebrate its 210th anniversary, the now Mahindra owned brand launched the Django 125 210th Anniversary Edition scooter. The new limited edition scooter commemorates not only the founding of the brand’s motorcycle wing but rather the long legacy of the Peugeot family’s business that still stands until this day.

Peugeot Django 125 210th Anniversary Edition

The Peugeot brand as we know it was founded in 1896 by Armand Peugeot, decades after already doing business in France to further diversify its business offerings. In 2015, the Mahindra Group acquired a majority stake in its motorcycle department. By 2019, Peugeot Motorcycles became a fully-owned subsidiary of the Mahindra Group. 

The Django 125 210th Anniversary Edition will have a limited run of only 21 units. Its design consists of a tri-color scheme with livery bringing the colors of the French national flag — bleu, blanc, and rouge (blue, white, and red). Its front panels bring you red and blue stripes running vertically while the scooter’s side panels are painted with blue with a chrome strip running over it. Ther rest of the body is painted white. Beautiful quilted leather adorns its split seats in red with white stitching for more detail. Overall, the scooter brings classic French elegance with its look with ‘210 year anniversary’ stickers placed all over its body. 

Peugeot Django 125 210th Anniversary Edition

It is powered by a 125 cc, single-cylinder engine capable of churning out a modest 10 hp and 8.9 Nm of torque which is just enough to get you zipping around the city in style. Telescopic front forks together with a rear mono-shock keep bumps at bay. It rolls on its 12-inch alloy wheels with disc brakes on both ends with ABS to provide stopping duties.

It is currently priced at JPY 437,800 or roughly around P210,000, which could still be a far reach when compared to other scooters in the market. However, as an extremely exclusive model with a limited run of only 21 units, collectors should keep an eye on this scooter that celebrates two centuries’ worth of heritage. 

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