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The Peugeot P2X concept could be heading to production

It would be Peugeot’s first conventional motorcycle in 70 years.

Peugeot P2X

The Peugeot P2X was first introduced as a concept in the 2019 EICMA motorcycle show. As the brand was more known and successful in producing innovative scooters commonly seen around Europe, the P2X was a far departure from the Peugeot has been known for. In fact, it is the first conventional motorcycle to come out of the French brand in 70 years. When people asked about the P2X concept on display at last year’s EICMA show, they simply responded with the bike as merely a styling exercise for the company. With this, nobody thought the concept would ever make it to production stages. However, Mario Minella, president of Peugeot’s Italian distributor has confirmed that the French brand wants a conventional motorcycle in the firm’s long-term plans with eyes set on the P2X. 

Peugeot P2X Concept

After all, during last year’s EICMA show, the P2X concept bike received widely praised by visitors and industry commentators mostly because it was surprisingly such a cool looking naked bike far from anything Peugeot has built in the modern age. It was a funky looking retro-naked with a flat-track style tail section that could easily win the hearts of old-school fans. Minella took notice of the popularity of the P2X which could use a number of engine platforms. 

Returning to road bikes, the EICMA concept thas been very popular, even if the game will be played mainly on the Asian markets. We have a platform of engines based on 300cc which, can be [reduced] to 150 and [taken up to] 500cc. This is the basis on which to work for all markets, including the Italian one.
Peugeot P2X Concept

Even if the P2X concept was initially dismissed as a styling exercise, it still looked practically complete when they put it on display in EICMA, with everything from sensors and a working fuel injection system to boot. Minella also confirmed that they intend to re-enter the racing scene, just as they did back in 2015 when they joined the Moto3 class under the Mahindra Peugeot banner.

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