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MV Agusta launched the MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario – Now sold out

Only 75 units will be created, sold out as fast as the bike itself.

MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario

With their slogan, “Motorcycle Art”, it goes without saying that MV Agusta makes some of the most drop-dead-gorgeous motorcycles the world has ever seen. The Italian icon’s roots go deep into the history of motorcycles, with the company being run by generations of individuals truly passionate about motorcycles. This year marks MV Agusta’s 75th year churning out stunning motorcycles. It is with that feat in mind that the company launches its latest and, quite possibly rarest motorcycle.

MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario

In celebration of MV Agusta’s 75th anniversary, an ultra-rare, special edition MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario is coming into production. However, try not to get your hopes up, as only 75 units are coming into existence, and will only be on sale for 75 hours. The Superveloce 75 Anniversario went on sale starting November 15th at midnight sharp, Central European Time, but at the time of this article’s publishing, all units are accounted for. All buyers who were lucky enough to reserve a bike in the production queue had to pay a reservation fee of €100, or about P6,000. This will no longer be possible, however, and all 75 slots are gone. 

We chose the Superveloce as an iconic base to develop our celebrative model for it perfectly embodies the balance between modern forms and MV Agusta's racing legacy. I am glad the launch of the 75 Anniversario coincides with that of our new official website, which was designed to offer MV Agusta fans around the world a complete, immersive experience into our world.
MV Agusta Superveloce 75 Anniversario

The MV Agusta Superveloce Anniversario shares the same platform as the F3 sportbike. Powered by an 800 cc inline 3-cylinder engine, the bike pumps out 147 hp and is capable of speeds over 240 km/h. Setting the Superveloce 75 Anniversario apart is a dedicated livery which depicts the Italian flag color scheme. It also features red Alcantara seats for both rider and pillion, as well as black and gold Inmotion spoked wheels to add even more character to this machine.

Owners of this celebrative motorcycle will be treated to a slew of aftermarket components to make their new pride and joy even more special. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, every bike will come with an Arrow three-exit exhaust system, ECU with a dedicated map, a numbered steering head aluminum plate, a body-colored seat cowl, and a special bike cover. If you had been wanting to add this bike to your collection, then we’re sad to tell you that all units have been accounted for. Guess we’ll just have to wait for MV Agusta’s next special edition bike.

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