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KTM reportedly set to increase its stake in MV Agusta

KTM top brass has confirmed that the brand seeks to acquire a majority stake in MV Agusta.

KTM reportedly set to increase its stake in MV Agusta

It is widely known that KTM has shown a significant interest in the renowned Italian motorcycle brand, MV Agusta. The year 2022 marked a significant development in this regard, as KTM made a public announcement about taking over MV Agusta's North American distribution. This move allowed KTM to strengthen its presence in the North American market by leveraging the popularity and reputation of MV Agusta's motorcycles. 

However, KTM's interest in MV Agusta did not stop there. In November of the same year, KTM further solidified its relationship with MV Agusta by acquiring a 25.1-percent stake in the company. This strategic investment not only demonstrated KTM's commitment to collaboration but also positioned them as a key player in shaping MV Agusta's future.

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Now we come to May 2023, where another important figure from KTM has added fuel to the ongoing discussions. Hubert Trunkenpolz, a member of KTM's executive board, recently confirmed that the company has plans to acquire a majority stake in MV Agusta. According to reports, Trunkenpolz stated, "It's correct that I said it like that! The shares will be increased over time - the shareholders have agreed not to disclose the timetable.” With this statement, Trunkenpolz has revealed KTM's intention to further increase its ownership in MV Agusta, signaling a potentially significant development in the future of the two companies' partnership.

Furthermore, Trunkenpolz elaborated on KTM's plans to invest in the future development of the MV Agusta plant within the next two years. The focus of these investments would be on optimizing the facility to enhance its production capacity for motorcycles. Notably, Trunkenpolz emphasized that the expansion of the workforce was a crucial aspect of these plans, reassuring those who were concerned about the preservation of MV Agusta's unique identity. He made it clear that the intention was to create more employment opportunities rather than resorting to layoffs.

Trunkenpolz also confirmed that MV Agusta would continue to operate in Italy, dispelling any speculation about a potential relocation to Mattighofen, where the KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas headquarters are located. This commitment to keeping MV Agusta rooted in Italy underscores KTM's respect for the brand's heritage and its desire to maintain its distinct Italian character.

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