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Kawasaki to spin-off motorcycle business by October 2021

What does this mean for us motorcycle enthusiasts?

Kawasaki ZX-25R

Looking at things from an industry-specific perspective, you could say that Kawasaki is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Having an illustrious history in the motorcycle world, Big Green undoubtedly has quite a number of legendary steeds in its stable. That being said, it would likely come as a surprise to many to learn that Kawasaki isn’t solely in the business of creating motorcycles

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, as a matter of fact, has quite a number of businesses under its belt. With everything from offshore infrastructure to sustainable energy systems, Kawasaki’s forte lies in industrial application, and as it would appear, motorcycles are merely a slice in the company’s gigantic pie. That being said, news from their Tokyo headquarters reports that the company will be spinning off their motorcycle business by October of next year. On top of this, Kawasaki will be integrating their offshore infrastructure and energy systems businesses. 

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R

So what exactly does this mean? Well, as far as heavy industry is concerned, Kawasaki has seen massive potential across several key markets in the lines of mass transport, infrastructure, and energy. Simply put, the company seeks to streamline their operations so as to be more efficient in the industrial sector. So what about the bikes? Well, as it would appear, manufacturing motorcycles is pretty different from energy and infrastructure. 

With that, Kawasaki has decided to spin-off their entire motorcycle business into a new company all together. Does that mean it’s time to say goodbye to Kawasaki motorcycles? Likely not, as the report states that Kawasaki moved towards this decision with faster product development, enhanced innovations, and streamlined decision making in mind. With that, we can rest easy knowing our favorite bikes are safe and sound, and are in fact, headed in the right direction. After all, motorcycles and power sports are Kawasaki’s flagship products, so the likelihood of those going down the drain are pretty small. 

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