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Here are more details about KTM’s investment in MV Agusta

The capital infusion between the two companies will mean a better MV Agusta dealership network across the globe.

MV Agusta Dragster Tank

MV Agusta and KTM are both business partners now after the Italian company and the Austrian company inked a deal for €30 million EUR with KTM taking 25.1 percent ownership of MV Agusta. 

Timur Saradarov, MV Agusta’s CEO, clarified in a recent interview with Motorcycle.com about the deal. He said that he wants the business to thrive and not just survive. MV Agusta was in a bit of a pickle following the Ukraine conflict and the COVID-19 Pandemic. Trade restrictions and forced shutdowns put a few roadblocks in MV’s path, but the KTM partnership aims to bring the brand to new heights. 

“And so that’s why for me to partner up with a big business, with a big industrial partner like KTM–it makes my life easier. I want to focus on developing the business, on making the company better and more efficient–but it’s very hard to do this when you’re constantly thinking about whether we should ship our wheels from China by plane or by boat!”

MV Agusta’s parts supply will be overseen by KTM along with aspects of distribution. Apart from that, KTM now owns 25.1 percent of the Italian brand and is able to put two senior management team members on MV’s board of directors as a result. 

The gist of it is that MV Agusta and KTM will be developing a dealership network together and multi-brand dealers are not out of the question, depending on the country of course. Saradarov states that “it’s definitely going to mean better dealers overall,” and “[he hopes] some of [MV Agusta’s] existing dealers will stay.” He also goes on to say that a lot of their dealership partners have invested heavily in MV Agusta, but there are some that have not performed and will be let go. 

As for the future of this partnership, Saradarov stated that he is adamant to sell MV Agusta off completely as he believes that an individual entrepreneur must be running it. 

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