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MV Agusta’s Timur Sardarov clarifies speculation around KTM’s involvement in the brand

As it would turn out, Sardarov is appreciative of KTM’s eagerness towards MV Agusta, and the partnership is progressing rather smoothly.

MV Agusta's Timur Sardarov

There has been significant controversy generated since November 2022 when MV Agusta and KTM joined forces in a partnership. Subsequently, they finalized a North American distribution agreement, which included a 25.1 percent ownership stake in MV Agusta. As a result, rumors began circulating about a potential acquisition of MV Agusta by KTM.

Regarding KTM's perspective, executives from Pierer Mobility expressed their opinions extensively regarding MV Agusta. Stefan Pierer, the head honcho of Pierer Mobility, made strong statements, including his remark that MV Agusta's Lucky Explorer is unnecessary. Additionally, Hubert Trunkenpolz, a member of KTM's executive board, affirmed the company's intention to acquire a majority stake in MV Agusta, with a specific timeline already established during private discussions.

KTM's Hubert Trunkenpolz

KTM appears to be intensifying their efforts and has even clarified that the MV Agusta brand will remain headquartered in Italy rather than being relocated to Mattighofen. However, MV Agusta's CEO, Timur Saradarov, seems to hold a different view. Saradarov currently holds a 74.9 percent ownership stake in MV Agusta and appears unfazed by KTM's aspirations for acquisition. In fact, he expressed appreciation for KTM's significant interest in MV Agusta.

Saradarov also commented on KTM's remarks regarding the Lucky Explorer. While he neither confirmed nor denied the inclusion of the 550 model in the lineup, he did confirm the arrival of the 950 model. Furthermore, Saradarov mentioned that the collaboration between the two companies opens up the possibility of evaluating KTM's portfolio. As a result, the new model series will be named the MV Agusta LXP, with several variations planned, including the Lucky Explorer.

It seems that Saradarov was already familiar with KTM's assertive business approach. He recognized that KTM's boldness and aggressiveness are precisely what MV Agusta requires. In another interview, when asked about the partnership, Saradarov mentioned that it is progressing well despite the challenges, and the two companies are making significant strides forward.

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