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The first Ducati Superleggera V4 buyer got a factory tour and track day with his purchase

Talk about freebies when you buy your motorcycle.

Ducati Superleggera V4

Ducati sold it’s very first Superleggera V4 and the buyer personally received it at the brand’s Borgo Panigale headquarters. With a limited run of only 500 units, Filipo Van Schil, a loyal Ducatista from Belgium who already owns 9 Ducati motorcycles, now owns number 001 of 500. As the first owner of the bike, he was invited to pick up his new Superleggera V4 in their headquarters and received a special tour of the facilities where his motorcycle was built and even met the specialized worker who made its engine. He was also given access to the company museum, the Centro Stile Ducati, and the Racing Department. 

As part of the special package, Filip Van Schil will have an opportunity to test out the Panigale V4 R, the official bike that Ducati uses in the Superbike World Championship, at the Mugello Circuit as part of Ducati’s “Superbike Experience.” Later on, the president of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali met with him and gave him a copy of the book, ‘Stile Ducati’ with a special handwritten dedication to mark this momentous occasion.  He was also given the sculptural reproduction of the Superleggera V4 personalized with the number of its accompanying bike. The Superleggera V4 will be delivered to its owners in a wooden crate specially created for its transport, with dedicated graphics and its certificate of authenticity.

Ducati Superleggera V4 special factory tour
Ducati Superleggera V4 special factory tour

Filip Van Schil expressed his gratitude on how he would never forget this extraordinary experience in the Borgo Panigale facility.

Receiving the motorbike directly in the Company and touching the passion of the people who work in Borgo Panigale is an experience that I will always remember. Days like this are what make Ducati unique and different from all the other motorcycle manufacturers.
Ducati Superleggera V4

The Superleggera V4, which directly translates to Superlight, is among the lightest Supersports bikes Ducati has ever produced. With its entire chassis including its frame, subframe and swingarm made entirely out of carbon fiber, it effectively makes it 16 kg lighter than the 2020 Panigale V4. When fitted with the racing kit, its power output increases from 224 hp to 234 hp and can easily reach speeds beyond 300 km/h. Ducati Philippines now offers the Superleggera V4 for the Philippine market. However, due to its extremely limited run, we highly doubt you’ll be able to see one in the metal in any of their showrooms. 

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