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Suzuki releases a MotoGP-inspired GSX-S750 ECSTAR edition.

The MotoGP feel without the sportbike backache.

Suzuki GSX-S750 ECSTAR Edition

Motorcycles still bank on the success of their races from the MotoGP and World Superbike Championship (WSBK) races. The saying that “What wins on Sunday, sells on Monday” still holds true until this day. With brands releasing motorcycles with elements from their MotoGP and WSBK racebikes whether it’s liverying, like the one seen in Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX-10R KRT Edition, or hardware, like the Ducati Panigale V4’s winglets.

Suzuki GSX-S750 ECSTAR

In any case, Suzuki, the house of Hamamatsu wasn’t one to go short with banking on their racing ties. However, they’re well aware that not everyone prefers the hunched over stance and clip-on handlebars that most sportbikes have. Some still prefer the performance of a sportbike, but with a more neutral or upright stance that naked bikes or streetfighters give. For this discerning group, Suzuki offers an ECSTAR edition of its successful GSX-S750 naked model. 

Suzuki GSX-S750 ECSTAR
Suzuki GSX-S750 ECSTAR

The Suzuki GSX-S750 ECSTAR edition comes with MotoGP inspired racing livery with ECSTAR with a blue base coat coupled with an angled silver stripe and a visible Suzuki lettering cutting down the tank. The ECSTAR logo, Suzuki’s premiere racing motor oil brand, and the racing team logo also grace the GSX-S750’s belly pan, tail section, and headlight section. High-visibility yellow accents brandish the bike’s wheels making sure you’re still seen even at high speeds. 

However, this limited edition doesn’t stop with just livery. The GSX-S750 ECSTAR edition also comes with a slip-on Akrapovic exhaust system that set’s it apart from the rest of its contemporaries similar to the custom exhaust system used by the ECSTAR team on its race machine. At the moment, the Suzuki GSX-S750 ECSTAR edition is only available in France is currently priced at 9,449 Euros. No official word yet has been said if Suzuki Philippines would be bringing in this new limited edition GSX-S750, but if they do, we can expect it to be priced a little bit higher than the GSX-S750 Z or somewhere around P600,000.

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