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Suzuki launches beginner-friendly GSX-S950 in Europe

Would you like to see this more approachable version of the new GSX-S1000 in the local market?

Suzuki launches beginner-friendly GSX-S950 in Europe

Suzuki had recently pulled the covers off of the newest iteration of its flagship naked sportbike, the Suzuki GSX-S1000. The timely update to this premium liter-class machine, saw the introduction of a whole host of upgrades, which bring this bike up to par in terms of tech and features, to bike’s of the modern day. Prior to the update, the GSX-S1000 was beginning to look old and outdated, with modern bikes sporting techier features and improved performance. 

In Europe, stringent licensing restrictions limit the size and engine performance of motorcycles which beginner riders can ride. There are several licensing categories present in the region. For starters, beginner riders are only allowed to ride motorcycles with displacements not exceeding 125cc, and no more than 15 horsepower. As you move up the ladder, the A2 Classification limits power to 49 PS, or around 48 horsepower. This opens the doors for beginner riders to move up to machines with just a little more power and performance, but not quite a big leagues just yet. 

Suzuki GSX-S950

In line with this, Suzuki has launched a new and beginner friendly iteration of its flagship naked sportbike in the form of the GSX-S950. Now, this bike bears the same styling and componentry as its bigger sibling. In fact, it even comes with the same engine. Equipped with a 999cc liquid-cooled, inline-four cylinder motor, the GSX-S950 sets itself apart in a sense that it has been tuned to just 95 horsepower. Furthermore, the bike can be restricted to just 47 hp, making it a viable option for A2 license holders. 

Apart from the revised engine tuning, The bike gets slightly downgraded components when it comes to its underpinnings. For starters, it gets non-adjustable inverted forks, as opposed to the fully adjustable units found on its bigger sibling. Next up, the brakes have been slightly downgraded as well, with Tokico calipers sitting in place of the fancy Brembo units. This has obviously been done in order to lower the bike’s cost and make it more approachable and affordable for learner riders. Suzuki Europe has yet to announce the official price of the new bike however, we can expect it to fetch a lower price than the GSX-S1000. 

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