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MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine unveiled

Fancy a bespoke limited edition machine to cap off the year?

MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine

It goes without saying that 2020 was a year filled with surprises. Despite coming off to a shaky start, things are beginning to return to a semblance of normalcy. Perhaps one thing that’s sure to prove exciting is the number of exciting new motorcycles rolling out next year. That being said, less than 3 weeks until the end of the year, MV Agusta has given us a special bike to cap off 2020. After all, MV Agusta has been known to surprise us — both in terms of new bike launches and sheer performance. 

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has teamed up with French automaker, Alpine, to give us a bespoke, limited edition machine, themed after the gorgeous Alpine A110. What better platform to build this magnificent machine on than the MV Agusta Superveloce? After all, the Superveloce is, in many ways to the bike world, what the Alpine A110 is to the car world. Clad in stunning Alpine silver and blue, the MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine gives a different character from that of the standard, angry and aggressive Superveloce. It now exudes a cool and calm aesthetic — a deceptive facade that masks the sheer performance beneath. 

MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine

In addition to the distinct color scheme, the bike boasts subtleties which, when added together, truly elevate the experience provided by this machine. For starters, the bike is adorned with Alpine’s famous A-badges, as well as a classy leather Alpine strap on the fuel tank. It also comes with an Alcantara upholstered saddle with very tasteful contrast stitching. 

This extremely rare, special edition machine will only see 110 examples roll off the showroom floor, and will be sold for an eye-watering $44,001, or the equivalent of around P2.2 million. Would-be owners of the MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine will be given a Racing Kit that comprises a track-specific Arrow triple exhaust system, dedicated stand-alone ECU, rear seat cowl, and personalized motorcycle cover. 

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