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MDPPA Is on the lookout for the country’s Best Delivery Riders

Nominations will be held online. If you know a delivery rider who is a paragon of safety, nominate him or her!

MDPAA Best Delivery Rider

The Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA) wants to recognize outstanding delivery riders all over the country by organizing the first-ever “Delivery Rider of the Year Award.”

The initiative will celebrate the unsung heroes during the challenging times that our nation has faced, the COVID-19 Pandemic. Various lockdowns in the past have forced people into their homes, and these riders also earned their frontliner status thanks to their services. 

MDPPA Delivery Rider of the Year
MDPPA Delivery Rider of the Year

MDPPA is an association that involves the big four Japanese brands in the country, namely Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Delivery riders who’ve served the public and keep road safety at the top of their mind all the time are invited by the MDPPA to perform their jobs responsibly and keep the road safe at all times. 

Any delivery rider can be nominated, so long as he or she practices safe driving at all times and responsible work ethic. The MDPPA is encouraging the public to submit their nominations to the association’s link which can be found on its pages. 

To be nominated, the nominees must be at least 18-years of age, and must drive motorized bikes from any of the MDPPA’s brand members. So that means Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha delivery riders are welcome. 

MDPPA Delivery Rider of the Year

It will take multiple rounds of judging to pare all the entries down to four finalists, who will be selected via interviews plus online and practical examination. On top of that, judges will also deliberate whether or not a nominee will make it through to the next round. One finalist will be selected from Metro Manila, another from Luzon, yet another from Visayas, and the last from Mindanao. Each finalist will win a motorcycle from the MDPPA’s member brands as well as riding gear. 

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