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The Kawasaki ZX-25R’s price has leaked online

Would you buy Kawasaki’s little screamer for P335,000 to P395,000?

Kawasaki ZX-25R

Among Kawasaki’s lineup of Ninja sportbikes, no other bike has caused more hype and excitement than its little screamer, the ZX-25R. Kawasaki Indonesia has been teasing us all first with its aftermarket offerings which were leaked online. Later on, its exhaust note was leaked,  its power figures, and now, after months of speculation, its price has been released by overly excited dealers in the hopes of getting early reservation orders. 

There’s no doubt that because of all the teasers that Kawasaki has been feeding everyone, anticipation for the ZX-25R has grown tremendously and its little screamer’s following has been gaining a lot of traction. Developing a new 250 cc four-cylinder engine for this new age would definitely cost some money for Kawasaki and we were already expecting them to pass over a portion of these costs to the consumer as a premium to its price.

Kawasaki ZX-25R

Dealers from New Zealand and Indonesia have revealed their prices for the upcoming model, perhaps to gauge the interest of its followers to the bike. In New Zealand, the bike will be sold as a fully imported model and in a small number of units. As such, the ZX-25R was priced at NZD 15,990 or somewhere around P519,000 inclusive of its import tariffs and taxes. 

In Indonesia, one of our neighboring countries in the Southeast Asian region has priced it at IDR 98,800,000 or somewhere around P335,000 for the non-ABS model and IDR 114,000,000 or P395,000 for the ABS model. As a fellow member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), we enjoy low tariffs and tax breaks for motorcycles being imported from the ASEAN region. Thus, we can expect the pricing of the Kawasaki ZX-25R to be within the same price point of Indonesia, if not a small increase by just a few thousand Pesos once tariffs and duties are applied. 

However, at its current state, it doesn’t put it very far from Kawasaki’s offerings from its Ninja lineup like the Ninja 400 or Ninja 650 which would offer much more power. It doesn’t also help that the 400 cc expressway limit still subsists in the country. Thus, while the ZX-25R is a very promising and highly-anticipated performance machine, the expressway restriction coupled with its premium price puts it in a very precarious position in the market.  It might not be enough to sway people from going for expressway legal sportbikes within the same price range, if not even more affordable such as the KTM RC390 or the Kawasaki Ninja 400. Whether or not Kawasaki Philippines decides to introduce the market to the ZX-25R would have to put these things into consideration. Nonetheless, only time can tell if they do decide to bring it in — and we still remain hopeful. 

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