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Ducati releases new sport touring gear by Spidi, Held, X-lite and Arai

The Ducati jackets are actually safe to iron.

Ducati Modular Helmet

Ducati has collaborated with known and respected brands of motorcycle gear with Spidi, Held, X-lite, and Arai to give you its latest collection of Ducati-branded riding gear all set for the new riding season. The collection includes a matching jacket and pants for both men and women, a brand new textile-leather hybrid glove, a modular helmet, and a full-size helmet.

Ducati Jacket

The new Tour C3 textile jacket with matching pants are both produced exclusively for Ducati Spidi. The jacket features a 600D polyester shell with water repellent coatings and a removable thermal breathable liner that also happens to be water-repellant. It is also designed to be worn separately if you prefer to wear it that way. It also comes with a second fixed membrane H2Out liner for added rain protection. The jacket has two exterior pockets and one interior pocket. However, Ducati claims that the jacket is iron-safe of up to 110 degrees Celsius if you’re feeling a little keen about keeping your jacket wrinkle-free. 

Ducati Riding Pants

The Tour C3 textile jacket comes with matching C3 pants built with similar materials except for its removable thermal liner. However, it still has the same H2Out waterproof, breathable, and windbreaker membrane for added rain protection and a CE-rated armor for impact protection for the knees and hips. Ducati also claims that its C3 matching pants are iron-safe of up to 110 degrees to keep the creases away from your riding pants if that’s your style. 

Ducati Gloves

Meanwhile, the Strada C4 gloves are made of a mixture of cowhide, goatskin, and textile pieces stitched together by Held. A combination of Gore-Tex lining and Shock Absorber material across its back, knuckles, ulnar head, gives added protection to these areas while making it lightweight and breathable. The PVC knuckle protectors are also covered by Superfabric giving it for better defense against abrasions. The glove’s combination of materials makes it 100% waterproof and features two adjustment straps on its sleeve and wrist.  It also comes with a wiper insert and rouble stitching in all abrasion-prone areas.

Ducati Modular Helmet

For its helmet offerings, Ducati’s modular Horizon helmet, perfect for adventure riders, is based on the X-1004 X-Lite shell. It features a sun visor that’s capable of giving UV 400 protection. It has a double safety chin guard system that offers excellent ventilation despite its modular construction. Its composite laminate outer shell comes in three sizes, with only the chin guard constructed with polycarbonate. It’s eyeglass-friendly, with a detachable interior that’s easy to wash. The helmet is ECE certified and homologated to P and J safety.

Ducati Full Face Helmet

Meanwhile, it’s new full-face helmet, the Black Steel is based on Arai’s Renegade V model. Its design is meant for naked motorcycles with a more upright riding stance. Its outer shell is made of Super Fiber Laminate (SFL) surrounding multi-density EPS foam and is ECE certified. Its airflow circulation has a rate of about 14 liters per minute according to Ducati. It has an easily detachable and washable liner with Arai’s Facial Contour System, an elastic foam support in the cheeks that decompresses and expands to offer a more comfortable fit in both the cheek and jaw areas. 

Ducati’s new riding gear is now available on Ducati’s online store or may be made available on your local Ducati dealers. Prices would vary depending on your region, with the prices of the Strada C4 glove ranging from $228 (P11,252) and the Black Steel Helmet at $822 (P40,566) if ordered directly online. 

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