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Could this be our first look at a new 400cc MV Agusta sportbike?

An upcoming QJ Motor model could eventually be reskinned as an MV Agusta.

QJ Motor GS400RR

China's Qianjiang Motorcycle, also known as QJ Motor, currently enjoys a fruitful relationship with MV Agusta. Their latest collaboration culminated in the Lucky Explorer 5.5, a new adventure bike featuring a QJ-developed 550cc parallel-twin engine. You can find the same power plant on Benelli's SRT 500, which Quianjiang also owns.

MV Agusta is clearly not averse to sharing underpinnings with other brands. With the impending release of a new QJ Motor 400c sportbike, we might have gained a clue at what MV has in store for the future.

According to a report by Cycle World, the sportbike will likely carry the name GS400RR, but it's known internally as QJ400GS-J. It packs a 400cc twin-cylinder mill that's good for about 44 hp. Illustrations seem to show a Kawasaki Ninja 400-like engine layout with a 70mm bore. It also appears to feature a single-sided swingarm, which would do wonders for the bike's looks.

QJ Motor 3-cylinder engine

It should be noted that this is likely a QJ Motor model, and a future model from MV Agusta would look significantly different having the Italian brand's design language and livery. Further details remain scarce, but a 400cc sportbike from MV would likely pique the interest of many riders. 

That it's engineered by a Chinese brand shouldn't be a problem, as QJ Motor is as capable a company as any you'll find out there. Qianjiang also has a standing partnership with Harley-Davidson, which it's collaborating with for a new 350cc entry-level model.

For now, if you want an MV Agusta sportbike, you can't go wrong with the F3 675. It features a mighty 3-cylinder 675cc engine that delivers 110 hp and 71 Nm of torque. MV packed this bike with modern features like full LED lighting, cornering ABS, traction control, a quickshifter, and a digital dashboard display. The MV Agusta F3 675 is available in the Philippines starting at P1,100,000.

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