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CFMOTO ATV Philippines holds successful CFMOTO Experience Day in Ground Zero MX Track

Spectators and participants alike were in for an adrenaline-pumping day full of off-road fun.

CFMOTO ATV Experience Day

On July 2, 2023, CFMOTO ATV Philippines made its highly anticipated debut, unveiling its impressive lineup of all-terrain vehicles. The grand event, known as CFMOTO Experience Day, took place at the exhilarating Ground Zero MX Track in Mexico Pampanga. The occasion brought together a lot of participants and enthusiastic spectators, all eager to partake in an action-packed day filled with off-road adventures and thrilling experiences. The event proved to be a resounding success, providing everyone in attendance with a memorable and adrenaline-pumping experience.

CFMOTO ATV Philippines Experience Day 2023
CFMOTO ATV Philippines Experience Day 2023

During CFMOTO Experience Day at Ground Zero MX Track in Mexico Pampanga, participants had the incredible opportunity to test drive a variety of performance-oriented CFMOTO ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides. Personally, we were fortunate enough to put these models through their paces and explore their capabilities firsthand. Among the impressive lineup, our favorite vehicles were the ZFORCE 800 Trail and UFORCE 600. The ZFORCE 800 Trail stood out as a rugged and powerful side-by-side, equipped with an 800cc V-twin engine that delivered an exhilarating and confidence-inspiring ride, even on the most challenging terrains.

CFMOTO ATV Philippines Experience Day 2023

On the other hand, the UFORCE 600 showcased its utilitarian nature while still providing a ride that instilled confidence and enjoyment. Overall, the CFMOTO lineup left a lasting impression with its impressive performance and versatility, making CFMOTO Experience Day an unforgettable event for all who attended.

CFMOTO ATV Philippines Experience Day 2023

CFMOTO ATV Philippines offers a comprehensive local lineup of ATVs, including the CFORCE 450, CFORCE 625, and CFORCE 1000 Overland. For those in search of a capable UTV, CFMOTO presents the UFORCE 1000XL and UFORCE 600 models. Additionally, CFMOTO's side-by-side offerings consist of the ZFORCE 800 Trail and the ZFORCE 1000 Sport R. Each vehicle within CFMOTO's lineup showcases a unique set of features and capabilities, catering to a wide range of off-road enthusiasts and adventurers.

The Ground Zero MX Track proved to be the ideal testing ground for the CFMOTO machines, providing a perfect combination of rough terrain, undulating hills, tight corners, and jumps. This diverse landscape allowed participants to truly push these vehicles to their limits and experience their capabilities firsthand. Excitement filled the air as everyone had a blast running the CFMOTO ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides through their paces, tackling the challenges the track presented.

CFMOTO ATV Philippines Experience Day 2023

Spectators, too, were not left out, as they enjoyed a variety of food options from multiple vendors on-site. Structmoto, a prominent presence at the event, offered participants a much-needed caffeine boost with their coffee and also showcased their merchandise. Grit Moto also had a booth, displaying their top-notch riding gear for all to see. The combination of thrilling off-road action and the presence of these vendors made CFMOTO Experience Day a truly memorable event for both participants and spectators alike.

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