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CFMOTO launches the 800NK in the Philippines for P458,900

It’s undeniably one of the best bang-for-your-buck naked bikes in the local market today.

CFMOTO launches the 800NK in the Philippines for P458,900

For some time, CFMOTO has had the NK series in its lineup, and up until the international announcement, the biggest motorcycle in the NK range was a 650cc variant. However, with the recent global unveiling, the 800NK has taken the spotlight as the most powerful motorcycle in the NK series. Now, with the announcement by Motostrada, it has become the most thrilling and captivating NK model released in the local market so far.

It is widely known that the engine used in the 800NK is derived from the KTM 790 Duke, which is also locally manufactured in the Philippines. This similarity in engine source suggests that the two models may soon compete for market dominance in the Southeast Asian region, particularly in the Philippines. As comparisons between the two bikes are likely to be drawn, it is important to acknowledge both the similarities and differences based on personal experience with both motorcycles.


One notable difference between the CFMOTO 800NK and the KTM 790 Duke is the frame design. Although both models share the same LC8C engine, the frame built around it differs. In the case of the 800NK, it features a frame with distinct characteristics. The 800NK has a wheelbase of 1,465 millimeters, whereas the KTM 790 Duke measures 1,475 millimeters. This indicates that the 800NK is likely to be a more agile and responsive bike, given its slightly shorter wheelbase. In terms of performance, the CFMOTO 800NK produces 94 horsepower and 81 Nm of torque. These power figures demonstrate the motorcycle's capability and potential for an exhilarating riding experience.

The CFMOTO 800NK comes equipped with several noteworthy hardware components. The suspension system is provided by KYB and offers a comprehensive setup. At the front, the bike features fully-adjustable separate function forks, allowing riders to fine-tune the suspension to their preferences. The rear suspension includes adjustable pre-load, further enhancing the bike's overall ride quality and customization options. To ensure effective braking performance, the 800NK is equipped with 320mm brake discs at the front. Both the front and rear braking systems are supported by dual-channel ABS as a standard feature.

The technological features offered in the NK model are noteworthy. Although it lacks a six-axis inertial measurement unit found in the KTM, it compensates with a larger gauge cluster and the convenience of keyless ignition. The availability of ride modes, including Rain, Street, and Sport, adds versatility to the bike's performance. What sets it apart is its affordability, as it is priced lower than its European and Japanese counterparts. In fact, it comes at the very low price of P458,900. 

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