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Benelli could be releasing a new lineup of motorcycles

Photographs of the lineup have leaked online.

Benelli SRT500 adventure motorcycle

Benelli, ever since it fell into Chinese ownership back in 2005, saving the company from bankruptcy and giving it a new lease of life, has had a string of successes with some of their motorcycles like the Leoncino. A lot of their new models have frequently leaked out as its parent company, Qianjang normally would badge up the new models as ‘QJ Motor’. Yet, we still all end up suckers to these leaked models, and now, a slew of new bikes that Benelli could be releasing have surfaced online for our viewing pleasure.

The first bike under the QJ Motor badge is the SRT500, an adventure motorcycle that easily picks up where the Benelli TRK 502 left off. With its high ground clearance and dual-purpose knobby tires, this off-road capable adventure machine will be entering the middleweight ADV segment that could easily be pitted against the likes of the Honda CB500X, or the Kawasaki Versys-X 300. While Benelli hasn’t officially confirmed it just yet, the letters TRK seen on the handguards and wing mirrors seem to be a dead giveaway.

Benelli SRB 750

The next model is the SRB 750, another adventure bike, but with a bigger powertrain than the SRT 500 which we’re pretty sure could easily morph into Benelli’s TRK 500. It features a more rugged styling with hints of similarities to the Triumph Tiger 900’s look and proportions. As the photograph only shows the front section of the bike, there isn’t much we can take away from its other details. 

Benelli Naked

There are also two new naked offerings being shown, both sharing a new parallel-twin cylinder engine, but mounted on completely different frame structures. One has more aggressive and modern styling with a headlight that could be mistaken for Yamaha’s predator headlights when put side by side. Meanwhile, the second naked bike’s headlight could fool you for an MV Agusta once spotted in your rearview mirror. However, this should come as no surprise.

Benelli Naked

Apparently, Benelli and its parent firm QJ Motor have also been working on developing a brand new engine that could be used for any of its future motorcycle offerings. With that said, one keen look could easily point to the striking similarities with MV Agusta’s Brutale 1000 engine. 

Benelli Engine
Benelli new bike

From its casings to its barrel, and layout of the all it lacks is practically the MV Agusta stamp. The reason behind this is that it could be highly likely that MV might have sold the license and tooling for its previous generation engine to the Chinese manufacturer. Yet the question remains, on which bike will we be seeing this brand new powertrain?

The good news is, we don’t have to wait much longer to find out. Benelli also released a teaser image of a new model covered in a green silk sheet just waiting for the covers to be pulled off. With its low and long profile, you could easily point out either a sports bike or super naked is hiding beneath the covers. Ultimately, until its final reveal, we’ll all have to wait. 

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