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Benelli will bring a whole new line of naked and sports bikes in the future

Benelli is getting bigger with 600 to 1000 cc bikes.

QJ SRG 600

Benelli has been keeping themselves really busy with research and development and soon, they’re expected to release a whole slew of naked and sports bikes. The Chinese-owned Italian marque has been working on a new inline 4-cylinder engine platform within the 600 to 1,000 cc displacement range. 

Its parent company Qianjang (QJ) Motors has just launched its fully-faired SRG600 sports bike for the Chinese market. This new model will eventually be rebranded into the Benelli 600RR and will be offered to the rest of the global market. Yet, Benelli’s next move wouldn’t be all about just badge engineering and rebranding the QJ marque. The brand could herald the introduction of its new Euro5 compliant 650 cc inline 4-cylinder engine in the form of a new TNT 650  mid-capacity naked and fully-faired 650 RR sports bike. 

Benelli Naked

At the same time, one of Benelli’s crown jewels of recent date is a 1,000 cc engine with some really serious pedigree. QJ Motors also recently acquired the rights to MV Agusta’s 1,078 cc unit that has been used to power the previous generation Brutale 1,000. This new engine platform could pave the way for Benelli’s performance naked, sports bikes, and perhaps even a sporty touring machine in the foreseeable future. Should the new engine platform stay true to MV Agusta’s specifications, it will be capable of churning out an impressive 162 hp and 102 Nm of peak torque. 

With its forthcoming motorcycle releases, Benelli isn’t worrying too much about competition from other major motorcycle manufacturers. Instead, the brand will focus on existing markets where it already has a dealership network in place, which of course includes the Philippines. It’s highly likely that China and Europe wouldn’t be within their sights. Their primary focus will still continue to be the rest of the Asian markets as its stomping ground where they have been seeing a lot of success. 

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