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Bajaj’s files a trademark application for “Neuron”

This could mean a new motorcycle under the brand.

Bajaj RS 400

Indian motorcycle giant, Bajaj files a new trademark application for “Neuron” which could give birth to a whole new model range of motorcycles. While the word Neuron itself strongly suggests a new electric motorcycle in the works, rumors churning up the rumor mill within the Indian motorcycle press suggest otherwise. 

The new nameplate is more likely to be used for a new brand that would be selling middleweight retro bikes within the region, a segment that Royal Enfield has been dominating within the region. In India, the middleweight retro market is starting to be a hotly-contested segment with Honda wanting its own chunk of the pie after recently unveiling its new H’Ness CB350. 

Bajaj Neuron Trademark Application

Bajaj, on the other hand, currently has its own range of classically styled bikes with its Avenger machines. It comes in a form of Cruiser 220 and Street 160 variants. However, looking like an old Yamaha Virago slotted with a single-cylinder, it struggles to keep up with the likes of Royal Enfield when it comes to capturing the modern retro market.

That being said, Bajaj already is already equipped with the infrastructure, technology, and powertrain for a slightly more premium bike than its Avenger models that can be slotted into the 250 cc to 500 cc segment. Yet, going headfirst into the classic market is still not a fool-proof recipe for success. India, together with the rest of the Asian continent is moving on with the times with more tech and gadgets being integrated into the newer motorcycle releases. 

Another theory presented is that the new Neuron trademark could represent a new type of rider interface or smart technology that Bajaj could push out across its entire existing model range. If this was the case, this new interface could suddenly surface in the new Dominar, the Avenger, or the Pulsar. 

In any case, whether a new retro motorcycle or a merely new rider interface is in the works, all we have at this point are speculations and conjectures. We’ll just have to wait and see until Bajaj makes the official announcement hopefully in the near future. 

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