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Triumph to launch first model in partnership with Bajaj in India on July 5, 2023

It’s expected to be a small-displacement retro roadster or scrambler, or maybe both.

Triumph and Bajaj partnership

Triumph, a well-known motorcycle company from Britain, has enjoyed a longstanding alliance with Bajaj, an Indian motorcycle manufacturer. Since 2017, these two companies have formed a non-equity partnership with the aim of creating and producing mid-sized motorcycle models specifically designed for the Asian market. Excitingly, after over a year of speculation and spy shots of the initial collaborative motorcycles from Triumph and Bajaj circulating online, it appears that our eager wait is drawing to a close.

Throughout the development process of the new motorcycle, Triumph and Bajaj have maintained a high level of secrecy regarding specific details about the upcoming model. However, leaked photographs have provided some insights, indicating that it belongs to Triumph's heritage line, which includes popular models like the Speed Twin, Scrambler, and Bonneville series. The bike's retro design and distinctive round headlight align with this heritage aesthetic. Furthermore, considering market preferences in Asia, it is reasonable to deduce that the new model will fall within the range of 300cc to 400cc, as motorcycles in this displacement range have proven to be highly favored in the region.

Triumph-Bajaj partnership

Triumph India has recently issued invitations to the media for an upcoming product unveiling set to take place on July 5, 2023. The invitation emphasizes an exciting milestone in the world of motorcycling, urging recipients to join the event to witness the introduction of a brand-new Triumph Motorcycle. Additionally, the invite showcases the outline of a vintage-inspired roadster or scrambler, displaying design elements reminiscent of the popular Bonneville, Speed Twin, and Scrambler series of motorcycles.

Looking at the bigger picture, the forthcoming collaboration between Bajaj and Triumph is poised to significantly enhance the presence of the British brand in the Indian market. As mentioned earlier, Bajaj has assumed responsibility for distributing Triumph Motorcycles in India. Over the next two years, Bajaj faces the formidable challenge of expanding Triumph's footprint to encompass over 120 cities throughout the country. Presently, there are merely 15 Triumph dealerships in India, underscoring the substantial undertaking that lies ahead for Bajaj.

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