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Bajaj Auto takes over Triumph operations in India

Bajaj and Triumph are working on a new mid-displacement model for the Asian market.

Bajaj Auto takes over Triumph operations in India

Bajaj Auto, a major manufacturer of two- and three-wheelers in India, has revealed that it will now manage all sales and servicing operations of Triumph Motorcycles in India. This means that Bajaj will be responsible for handling the distribution, marketing, and post-sales assistance for Triumph Motorcycles throughout the country.

Bajaj Auto, known for its association with KTM and Husqvarna, has taken over Triumph Motorcycles' sales and servicing operations in India. This move allows Bajaj to enter the luxury motorcycle category and expand its product offerings in India. Triumph Motorcycles has a dedicated fan base in India, and this acquisition will allow Bajaj to tap into that market and provide sales, marketing, and after-sales support for Triumph's high-performance motorcycles.

The Bajaj-Triumph partnership, which was established in 2017, aims to create a range of new mid-capacity motorcycles. These motorcycles, which will have engine sizes ranging from 200 to 700cc, have been co-developed by Bajaj and Triumph. The first of these new models is expected to debut in the coming months, possibly in 2023. It is expected that this model will significantly impact the mid-capacity market in India and other emerging markets.

Bajaj Auto takes over Triumph operations in India

To support the launch of the new Triumph models, Bajaj plans to expand its dealer network from 15 cities to 120 locations over the next two years. These new showrooms will be established in a tiered format, with some stores in major Indian cities exclusively dedicated to high-end Triumph models.

Through this partnership, Bajaj and Triumph are collaborating to produce new mid-capacity Triumph models that will be produced by Bajaj at their Chakan factory, in addition to handling sales and servicing activities. The design of these motorcycles will be handled by Triumph's design team in the UK, with production taking place at Bajaj's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chakan, Maharashtra. This collaboration will enable Triumph to enter the mid-capacity market, which is crucial for expanding the premium motorcycle industry in India and other growing regions.

If and when a new mid-sized Triumph model were to hit the market, chances are it’ll be sporting a single-cylinder engine. It would certainly be cool if this new model, presumably dubbed the Speed Single or Street Single, would make its way to the Philippines, as it would be a fine addition to the growing selection of mid-sized neo-retro models in the market. Indeed, it would go head-to-head with models from Royal Enfield, Husqvarna, and Benelli. 

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