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Triumph and Bajaj could launch their new models in the global market by June 2023

Bajaj CEO Rajiv Bajaj highlighted some of the company’s plans in an interview.

Triumph and Bajaj could launch their new models in the global market by June 2023

For quite some time now, Triumph and Bajaj have been working together in partnership, but to the disappointment of many, there has been no official unveiling of the motorcycles they have been diligently crafting as of April 2023. Nonetheless, there have been some tantalizing glimpses of the bikes that have left small-displacement motorbike enthusiasts pondering over what engine capacity the two companies might have decided on.

There's been much speculation regarding the engine capacity of the bikes, with most estimates falling between 250cc and 400cc. The question remains whether Triumph and Bajaj will release just one displacement at a time or offer riders the option of choosing from multiple engine sizes. It's not uncommon in the world of smaller-displacement bikes, especially in the scooter market. Honda, for instance, frequently offers this choice with models such as the Click 125 and Click 150, which are both highly popular here in the Philippines.

Triumph and Bajaj could launch their new models in the global market by June 2023

During an interview with India's CNBC-TV18 on April 21, 2023, Bajaj Auto's CEO, Rajiv Bajaj, discussed several topics of interest to motorcyclists, including the collaboration between Bajaj and the legendary British motorcycle brand, Triumph. Bajaj revealed that the company is targeting an early launch in the second half of 2023, with June 27, 2023 being the exact date they have their sights set on.

“The actual launch will be, I think, towards the end of June, perhaps specifically on Tuesday, the 27th of June, in London. It will be a global launch that is being organized by Triumph. What exactly is the content, I am not aware, but that’s when the launch might be. That means we should have product on the market in the second quarter of this financial year. Clearly, there’s more than one product under development. I can also say that more than one product will be launched in the second quarter if all goes well.”

If and when the new small-displacement Triumph models hit the market, they will undoubtedly expand the Hinckley company’s reach in the entry-level market. Should the new models enter the Philippine market, we can expect Triumph to enjoy even more success, where its beginner-friendly models like the Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 have been enjoying a lot of success. Its entry-level models will certainly give offerings from the likes of Royal Enfield and Husqvarna a run for their money, assuming the price is right. 

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