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Bajaj unveils the 2023 Pulsar NS200 in India

Does this mean we could soon have a revised Rouser NS200 in the local market, as well?

Bajaj unveils the 2023 Pulsar NS200 in India

The Pulsar range of motorcycles has been one of the top-selling models for Bajaj for a long time. These bikes are sold in various Asian and South American markets and are admired for their stylish appearance and reliable, efficient performance. Here in the Philippines, they’re marketed under the Kawasaki brand name, and sold under the Rouser model range. The Pulsar NS200—or Rouser NS200 in the Philippine market, is the most high-end model of the lot. Bajaj has recently released an updated version of the NS200 in the Indian market for the year 2023, hinting that this bike might soon make its way to other markets, including the Philippines.

The naked bike has received significant improvements, including the addition of dual-channel ABS and an inverted front fork. The inverted front fork not only gives the bike a sturdier and more striking appearance but also reduces unsprung weight, resulting in smoother, more compliant suspension actuation. The instrument cluster has also been upgraded with a gear position indicator and distance-to-empty meter.

2023 Bajaj Pulsar NS200

The 2023 NS200 is equipped with a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 200cc. This engine produces 24.5 horsepower and 13.2 pound-feet of torque, which is the same as the previous version. However, the NS200 has undergone a redesign that has reduced its weight by 1.5 kilograms. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission, as before. With its combination of performance and lightweight design, the NS200 is a preferred option for riders who desire a nimble and reactive motorcycle.

Currently, the Pulsar NS200 is available in four distinct color choices in India: Metallic Pearl White, Glossy Ebony Black, Satin Red, and Pewter Grey. The latest version of the Pulsar NS200 is priced at Rs 1,47,000 in India, which is approximately P98,000. For comparison, the present iteration of the Rouser NS200 sold locally by Kawasaki has a price tag of P129,800. When the 2023 version of the Pulsar NS200 arrives in the Philippines, it is anticipated to maintain, if not increase, its pricing level.

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