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The 2022 World Ducati Week will kick off in July

After a hiatus, the WDW 2022 is on later this year.

World Ducati Week 2022

Ducati’s back to host the World Ducati Week (WDW) for 2022. The Italian brand’s back at it again after the COVID-19 pandemic spoiled all the fun with travel restrictions and social distancing measures in place. 

The event was officially announced last year in November, and it is only now that the Italian brand has announced and confirmed its dates for the event: July 22 until July 24, 2022. On these dates, the Italian brand will paint the Misano Adriatico circuit red along with the Romagna Riviera. 

All brands and all types of bikes are welcome to join the 2022 WDW. The event will have the tagline “Let’s Ride as One,” which is a call for all Ducatistas and other passionate motorcyclists to come together and attend the event for the love of Ducati and all things on two wheels. 

It doesn’t matter where you are from as long as you make it to the event and book your tickets. All riders from every nationality are welcome to participate in the event and experience the WDW in the best way possible. During the weekend, expect the brand to host the Race of Champions, which will see the brand’s current roster of Ducati riders race against each other on the Misano Adriatico circuit. MotoGP, Superbike, and even Supersport superstars will be present on track to deliver an exhibition race for all to watch and admire. There will also be parades, riding experiences, and other shows for attendees to watch and participate in. 

If you want to participate in the WDW 2022, check out the Ducati website for either a bike pass or a visitor pass. A biker pass will mean that you will be bringing a motorcycle to the event, while the visitor pass will mean that you’re visiting the event on foot or via other means. On top of access to all three days of the event, either pass will allow you to avail of a discount to visit the Ducati Factory Museum in Borgo Panigale. 

If you do want to make the trip from the Philippines, and if you happen to be an owner of a Ducati, consult with the official Ducati club of the Philippines for a discount. You have to be an active member for 2022 in order to do so according to Ducati. 

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