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The 2020 Yamaha Nmax is coming real soon with prices starting at P119,900

Prices of the 2020 Yamaha NMAX have leaked online.

Yamaha NMAX

The Yamaha NMAX is one of its best-selling scooters to date. Ever since it was first introduced into the Philippine market back in 2015, people have been lining up their orders in Yamaha dealerships. People have been talking about the pending release of its updated 2020 model, but no concrete news has been reported about its release — until now.

Yamaha NMAX 155

A leaked memo that was meant to be circulated exclusively to dealers with photos showing the new “full model range” of the 2020 NMAX has made its way online confirming its pending arrival. The memo was dated July 2020 confirming its arrival. The new 2020 Nmax comes in 2 variants, regular and ABS, with the regular non-ABS model priced at P119,900 with color options available in Midnight Black, Phantom Blue, and Tech Camo (matte green). Meanwhile, the ABS variant is priced at P134,500 with color options available in Midnight Black, Matte Red, and Tech Camo.

NMAX 155
Yamaha NMAX 155

It now features some new styling from its panels with the most noticeable changes on its now full-LED headlights and tail lamps, with integrated daytime running lights (DRL). It also now has a high beam flasher and a hazard lamp switch built into its controls. The new NMAX is powered by the same 155cc Blue Core 4-stroke water-cooled single-cylinder engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) capable of producing 15 hp at 8,000 RPM and 13.9 Nm of torque at 6,500 seen in its previous generation. 

Yamaha NMAX 155

It now has an improved set of twin shocks in the rear with sub-tanks for better dampening to give its driver and passenger an even better ride. Just like its predecessor, stopping duties are provided for by disc brakes in front and rear. ABS and traction control would only be featured in its top-of-the-line model. Its multifunctional instrument panel now has a rectangular shape LCD display, departing from its round shape from the 2019 model. It displays fuel, temperature, digital speedometer, trip information with two trip computers and real-time average fuel consumption, and an indicator for when its VVA is in use. 

Yamaha NMAX 155
Yamaha NMAX 155

The new NMAX comes with a lot more tech features that are still uncertain, if not unlikely to be made available to the versions that the Philippines will be getting. For instance, its Start - Stop idling system which turns off the engine when idling and turns back on with a twist of the throttle would be a good way to conserve fuel. However, we haven’t had confirmation yet if this feature will be made available to the Philippine models. Bluetooth connectivity via the Yamaha App should have been also a welcome addition to its features to make the rider access his messages, parking location, recommended maintenance, fuel consumption, and malfunction notifications. These features are made available to the NMAX released in other markets. However, to make the scooter more affordable, it is highly likely that some of these features wouldn’t be made available for our markets. Either way, the arrival of the updated 2020 NMAX will surely get its followers really excited about its pending arrival. 

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