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Which type of motorcycle is best for everyday use?

It really depends on your lifestyle, so here are a few options.

Which type of motorcycle is best for everyday use?

For many people, motorcycles serve as their one and only mode of transport. While there are many different types of motorcycles available in the market, not all bikes are ideal for daily use.  Additionally, the best bike for you may not be the best bike for someone else, due to a myriad of different reasons. 

Whatever your lifestyle may be, we’re here to help you decide which type of motorcycle is best for your daily commute. We’ve broken it down based on motorcycle body types, and listed them according to the ideal type of lifestyle these bikes are best suited for. 

Around town duty - Scooter

Vespa S 125

The first motorcycle type on our list is none other than the humble scooter. Coming in many shapes and sizes, some popular scooters in the Philippine market include the Vespa Primavera, Yamaha NMAX, and Honda ADV150. Scooters are extremely versatile, lightweight machines known for their agility and ease of use. Equipped with low seat heights and automatic transmissions, scooters are extremely easy to use, and are ideal for around town duty. 

To make things even better, most scooters are equipped with modern-day tech such as electronic fuel-injection and even liquid-cooled engines. This translates to better fuel efficiency, increased longevity, and overall better performance. 

The cargo hauler - Underbone

Yamaha Sniper 155

A favorite among commuters and delivery riders, the underbone motorcycle has been around for a long time now and presents itself with a lot of utilitarian benefits. For instance, underbone motorcycles give riders the opportunity to attach luggage and other accessories. Popular underbone motorcycles available in the market consist of the Honda RS150 and Yamaha Sniper 155

Modern-day underbones have begun adopting premium technology to further improve performance. Underbone motorcycles of today feature electronic fuel-injection, liquid-cooling, and even Bluetooth connectivity. ling, and even Bluetooth connectivity. Underbone motorcycles, just like scooters, are best for use within the city or the suburban environment, as their ergonomics and overall performance are best optimized for use within the urban setting.

Go anywhere, anytime - Adventure bike

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Moving on to the big bike segment, the adventure bike is quite possibly the most versatile platform out there. Most adventure bikes available in the local market are equipped with engines larger than 400cc, making them expressway-legal options for those of you who rely on the expressways for your daily commute. 

Some popular adventure bikes in the market include the Honda CB500X, Royal Enfield Himalayan, and BMW R 1250 GS. Adventure bikes are usually characterized by long travel suspension, wind-protective bodywork, and dual-purpose tires. All these features make adventure bikes practically go-anywhere machines capable of traversing all sorts of terrain, regardless of the weather. 

The city slicker - Naked sportbike

MV Agusta Brutale 800

We’ve said it several times before: naked bikes are among the most versatile motorcycles out there. When it comes to street riding, naked bikes can be configured to fulfill a myriad of purposes. From track riding, daily commuting, and even long-distance touring, naked bikes can do it all. Some popular naked bikes include the Yamaha MT-07, Suzuki GSX-S150, and Ducati Monster.

As it would turn out, naked bikes come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them are highway-legal machines.  As such, smaller naked bikes are excellent for city commuting and fun rides on twisty mountain roads. Bigger naked sportbikes are even better all-rounders as they can be ridden on the highway. 

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