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5 types of riders you will meet on the road

You don’t have to look far to encounter some of these riders on the road.

5 Types of riders you will encounter on the road

Roaming the streets or going on the highways of the city and beyond, you will encounter a lot of people. There are millions of riders out there, and among the millions of Filipinos out and about, it’s not uncommon for you to find a few notable personalities on the road. 

So here are just some of the types of riders that you will encounter and come across on the roads of the Philippines. 

No helmet, no shoes, no service?

Motorcycle rider without a helmet

This is an all-too-common sight on our roads. Riding without a helmet is downright dangerous, and riding without anything to protect you in case of a fall is just downright dangerous. There are some riders out there that think lightly of the dangers on a motorcycle, opting for no pants, no shoes, and sometimes, even no shirt. Whether on an underbone or a scooter, these guys don’t really mind that their extremities are a bit exposed. 

Forget Evel Knievel because these riders are the real daredevils in the motorcycling world. At the very least, Philippine law mandates two things: A helmet, and closed-toed shoes. For some of us who take motorcycle safety seriously, we can’t help but feel a little frustrated that someone would take their safety for granted. Regardless, taunting them or paying too much mind to them will only get you into an accident. 

The Power Ranger?

Kawasaki Ninja 400 Press Photo

The polar opposite of the last entry, this rider adopts the motto: “All the gear, all the time,” or ATGATT. Every ride, expect him to put on a riding-specific jacket, riding-specific boots, riding-specific everything. Not only does he like the safety that these pieces provide, he knows that he’s spent quite a bit of time curating his motorcycle wardrobe to look extra cool. He might also have a lot of helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots to match his outfit and his bike. You also might see him with leathers out on the streets. Either way, it’s good to be protected, and hats off to this rider for braving the heat and the subsequent sweat under all that gear. 

If you are a disciple of the ATGATT principle, then you will also know that mesh jackets are quite the godsend when it comes to safety and ventilation. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be that guy that wears leathers while commuting. Now that’s just plain impractical. 

The highlighter

High Visibility Motorcycle Vest

We’ve all seen someone like this. A bright high visibility vest no matter where they ride off to. It’s common to see a police officer, traffic enforcer, or highway patrol donning these vests while they ride on their cruisers. However, there are also civilian riders that sport this type of look. 

Typically these guys are some of the safest riders on the road. While having your gear on all the time is already enough, these ladies and gentlemen take the extra step and make sure that they are seen by other motorists on the road. An extreme version of this type of rider will be someone who dresses in nothing but highlighter yellow. While it is good to be seen, the saying: “too much of a good thing,” could come into effect as they dazzle everyone around them and announce their presence with their kit. 

The newbie

Beginner Rider

At some point in our lives, we were all beginner riders. You didn’t have to look far back then, but after a bit of time on the saddle, you notice these newbies riding bikes like they’re trying to tame some sort of beast. 

It doesn’t matter if it is a new guy on a big bike or a scooter, these riders look like they’re not exactly comfortable yet on a bike. Low-speed stuff scares them and both feet are perpetually off the pegs while going slowly in traffic, and waddling about with two legs dangling. Don’t scoff at these riders, however. All of us were that guy at some point in time. Instead of critiquing these newbies, cheer them on. They’re on a bike just like you. 

Life is a race

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 Riding

These are the riders that have absolutely no chill when on a motorcycle. Usually, they’re quite aggressive on their bike, leaning into corners and getting ahead as fast as they can, or even popping wheelies. These riders also love twisty roads and anywhere they can feel like Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez. 

While riding spiritedly is definitely one of the more exciting parts of motorcycling, it must be done in the right place and at the right time. If you have a need for speed, take it to your local track. If you do ride fast on public roads, don’t race, and don’t break any laws. Be sure to always pace yourself and make sure that you and everyone around you are safe. Things can go from bad to worse on a motorcycle in a split second. While more experienced motorcyclists can navigate through traffic quickly, don’t be the beginner who feels like they’re masters of the two-wheeled art. 

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