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Motorcycle luggage options—which one should I get?

Find out which type of luggage system might work best for you.

Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro

If you’ve ever decided on taking a few items with you on a motorcycle ride out, you may know the pain of having to find a proper storage compartment for your items. Hauling items around on a motorcycle can be tricky, and being stuck in a situation where none of your luggage options can suit your needs can often be frustrating at best. If you’re looking to give your motorcycle a bit of an upgrade, going for luggage options that suit your needs best will pay dividends in the long run. Here are a few luggage options you can think through as you decide which style might best fit your needs.


Kreiga Backpack

The first and easiest luggage option for any rider is the trusty backpack, which is good for lighter, smaller, and less fragile items which you might want to take around. The great thing about the backpack is that just about anyone has a backpack sitting at home and can be used for any ride out. While any backpack theoretically can work, it would be recommended for riders to seek out a riding-specific backpack as these backpacks usually come with chest and waist straps which will help reduce back pain from the weight and will ventilate better than your average pack. Hiking backpacks also work as a great second option for all the same reasons.

Accessory bags

Givi Tail Bag

If you don’t fancy having to carry around a bit of weight on your back, having accessory bags on your motorcycle are great options for riders who need a more permanent storage option without needing too much space. There are primarily four types of accessory bags that riders can utilize: a handlebar bag, a fender bag, a tail bag, and a tank bag.

Handlebar bags are great for riders who like to cruise or tour for hours at a time, making items like cellphones, pocket money, cards, and other small items easy to access on the go. Fender bags are a great option for off-road riders who are looking to store tools and small emergency items in a place that wouldn’t get in the way of your body position when standing or seated. Tail bags and tank bags are great options for riders who carry along with light items like a first aid kit or personal care items and would need the flexibility to have a bit of extra space for errands or emergencies. Tail and tank bags vary in sizes from 10L to 30L, which could be of use for riders who take a variety of items along during any given ride.

Top box

Motorcycle Top Box

If you’re starting to get serious about having a more permanent luggage solution for days out on two wheels, a top box makes for a great solution to store small and large items alike. Just like tank bags and tail bags, top boxes often come in a variety of sizes: from 25-liters to 60-liters. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your budget and aesthetic preference. While top boxes, and the brackets that come with, are generally pricier than the storage options above, they make for a great storage solution for riders who absolutely need the flexibility, security, and permanence which the top box affords. This option is great for everyday commuters who need the space for work, long-haul riders who carry along a few days worth of items, and riders who might simply want the storage space flexibility this option provides.

Pannier bags

R 1250 GS Touratech

If you’re dead serious about your storage options, pannier bags may just be the ultimate solution for your motorcycle. They aren’t necessarily the best storage option for casual or everyday riders due to the width and heft—it will be difficult to ride through city roads. However, if you’re in need of additional storage space on top of your top box or accessory bags, pannier bags make for one of the best solutions. They’re great for long-haul riders who need to take a few week's worth of items along, and your die-hard adventurers who may need to bring camping and survival equipment. 

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