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Is your motorcycle out of warranty? Be sure to check these items ASAP

Without the safety net of warranty, the responsibility of making sure your bike runs at its best rests solely on your shoulders.

Essential maintenance items for out-of-warranty bikes

Motorcycle warranty is indeed a splendid thing. Indeed, having the safety net of dealer support and the assurance that the manufacturer will cover any and all defects pertaining to your motorcycle can go a long way in providing you with some much-needed peace of mind. However, just like most things in life, warranty is not forever. So, what do you do when your motorcycle is finally out of warranty? No, you don’t need to sell it. However, you do need to up your game when it comes to maintenance. 

Engine health

Engine health

Of course, you should examine the general health of the engine of your bike first. Examining the engine oil closely is an excellent method to achieve this. We all understand that oil is vital to the operation of our beloved two-wheelers, thus it is crucial to check the oil level, kind, and condition of the bike. Inspecting the spent oil might reveal possible problems like a head gasket leak, metal shavings, or excessive heat within the engine, giving you a good idea of the state of the engine as a whole.

Spark plugs can also be a good indication of engine health

Used motorcycle spark plugs

The spark plugs may be very easily forgotten, and some motorcycles with hard-starting or ignition problems sometimes trace their gremlins to bad quality spark plugs. Spark plug electrodes can deteriorate over time as a result of carbon buildup from repeated combustion cycles. This might eventually lead to a weak or insufficient spark that affects how your engine works. Your engine may misfire, operate badly at low rpm, splutter, or even fail to start entirely if you have old spark plugs. Additionally, they may lead to high fuel consumption and a lack of power when you twist the throttle. Even while accessing your spark plugs might be challenging and may involve extensive disassembly, the effort is definitely worthwhile.

Cooling system

Motorcycle cooling system

The bike's cooling system, if it has liquid-cooling, is another vital component that must be maintained and always kept in good condition. In that situation, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect the coolant as well as the entire cooling system. Verify the condition and compliance with specifications of the coolant in the reservoir. Fresh coolant can keep your cooling system running at its best while flushing the system may help rid it of pollutants. Make sure that the radiator, thermostat, and other cooling system parts like the radiator fan and radiator are all in good operating order.

Intake system

Motorcycle air filter

One of the most frequently disregarded yet crucial parts of every motorbike is the air filter. It's necessary to maintain the engine of your motorcycle breathing freely and to make sure that no debris gets into the intake, where it might possibly detonate. As a result, it is crucial that your bike has an air filter that is both clean and functional. Accessing the bike's air filter can be challenging and occasionally necessitates removing the gasoline tank. Having said that, performing this maintenance will make your motorcycle operate more powerfully and smoothly, and for much longer, too.


Motorcycle brakes

Last but certainly not least is the braking system on your bike. In order for your braking system to be considered to be in good condition, it must be faultless. Being able to stop is one of the most crucial components of riding a motorbike, and even the smallest flaw in your motorcycle's brakes might prevent you from properly stopping. Start by checking the brake pads on your vehicle. Do they still have a lot of life in them and are they thick? Look for fractures and uneven wear surfaces on your rotors. Look for any kinks, fractures, or strange twists in the brake lines. Last but not least, check your calipers and master cylinder for leaks, obvious flaws, or damage.

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