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Essential items to bring for motorcycle commutes in the Philippines

Are you riding your motorcycle on a daily basis? Here a few items to bring along with you.

Motorcycle Commuting

Riding a motorcycle on a daily basis is a tough task which many riders have to undertake. Not only is it physically strenuous, but preparing for the unplanned events of the day can be a bit hard to manage given the number of unpredictable variables. The morning may be cool but the afternoon may rain. Water or oil on the road might kick up onto our pants. Our loved ones at home may ask to purchase an item or two before you head back at the end of the day—and so much more. Preparing for the unexpected can be a bit difficult, but not totally impossible. If you’re commuting on your motorcycle on a daily basis and would like to be as prepared as possible, here are a few things you’d benefit from having with you.

Rain gear

Yamaha NMAX Rain

Being relevant for the latter half of the year here in the Philippines, taking along your motorcycle rain gear will be of great help during the days that spontaneous showers and wet roads lead your way. Rain gear typically consists of a watertight shoe cover, jacket, and overpants set which goes on top of your normal riding gear. While dedicated padded rain jackets and waterproof pants certainly work well in providing protection and waterproofing at the same time, a compact rain gear set can be stuffed away inside a backpack or top box in order to be used when water starts falling from the sky.

Spare clothes

Motorcycle Provincial Ride

Spare clothes would be most useful if looking presentable is needed throughout the day, and the weather may be a bit unpredictable. Fair weather may easily turn into a light shower or a scalding hot day in a matter of hours and preparing for the worst may look as simple as taking along a spare set of clothes. Make sure to include a spare top, bottom, underwear, and socks; and keep it in mind to pack lightly in order to keep your luggage space free or your backpack light.


Motorcycle Garage Tools

The next item would be a necessity for any ride out but would make even more sense for those who use their motorcycles on a daily basis. A toolkit would be most useful in times that an unwanted issue on the motorcycle pops out—maybe it won’t want to start due to a loose battery terminal, or the spark plug is coming loose, or perhaps the handlebar bolts are suddenly not tight enough. When out on a daily basis, it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way and a motorcycle toolkit enables you to do just that.

Bungee cords

Royal Enfield Classic Luggage

The next thing to bring along for your commutes would be a bungee strap or two. If you’ve found that your backpack or topbox is out of space, bungee straps will be great for those unexpected times where additional items will need to be transported. If in case you’ll have to take an extra bag home, or take a large package from place to place, bungee cords will allow you to easily strap that extra item onto your motorcycle’s rear seat or luggage rack in a secure and safe manner. 

Storage space

Motorcycle Soft Luggage

Given the amount of items to carry around with you on a daily basis, the last and perhaps most enabling item you can take along with you would be a good amount of storage space. This can either mean having a decently sized topbox for your kind of use, or taking along a half-empty backpack for every ride. No matter your choice of storage space, simply having an ample amount of extra space can be very useful when on the daily ride – for errands, for items to take from place to place, and for that simple peace of mind of having enough flexibility for any situation that calls for space.

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