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Yamaha updates its 2022 four-stroke off-road lineup

For the diehard off-roaders out there.

Yamaha updates its 2022 four-stroke off-road lineup

Yamaha has long been known in the global market for its extremely capable off-road specific machines. Having made a name for itself in the big powersports industry, Yamaha’s YZ range of four-stroke enduro bikes has been updated in the US market. Let’s take a closer look at the revised Yamaha YZ250 and YZ450 dirt bikes. 

Let’s start with the most entry-level machine, the YZ250F. Having seen massive success in the racing world, the YZ250F is loved for its lightweight chassis, solid suspension, and impressive engine performance. For the 2022 model year, Yamaha has fitted it with a new rear wheel which consists of a wider rim wrapped in a 110-section Dunlop Geomax MX33 tire. Yamaha claims that the wider tire allows the bike to transfer its power to the ground more efficiently, particularly in low traction scenarios such as in gravel or loose soil. It also aids in improving bump absorption. Apart from a wider rim and tire, the YZ250F also incorporates a new three-cross spoke pattern, which provides a more rigid wheel directly resulting in sharper feel and better response. 

Yamaha YZ250FX

Yamaha has also updated the YZ250F’s rear sprocket and chain to feature lighter weight units. This improves throttle response, handling, as well as acceleration due to significant reductions in unsprung weight. The bike’s premium fully-adjustable KYB suspension has also been returned to deliver even more performance from this already capable motocrosser. The new Yamaha YZF250F has been priced at $8,466 or P406,368 for the Standard variant, and $8,699 or P417,552 for the race replica Monster Energy edition. 

The same story goes for the YZ250F’s bigger sibling, the YZ450F. Yamaha has gone ahead and lightened the rear wheel, particularly the hub. The rear sprocket and drive chain have also been lightened which translates to a more direct throttle feel, as well as reduces driveline inertia, making the bike stop, accelerate, and change direction a lot faster. Similarly, the YZ450F has also been fitted with the same suspension updates to its KYB dampers. This top-shelf motocrosser retails for a steep $9,599 or P460,752 for the Standard, and a hefty $9,799 or P470,352 for the Monster Energy edition. 

Yamaha YZ450F

The same updates have been made on the Yamaha YZ250FX, except Team Blue has also revised the braking system of this cross-country off-roader to feature a lighter weight assembly without compromising on braking power and feel. It also gets a revised exhaust system which has been optimized to improve power delivery at the top of the rev range. Meanwhile, it’s bigger brother, the YZ450X remains mostly unchanged as compared to the previous model. Pricing for the US market is at $8,799 or P422,352 for the YZ250FX and $9,899 or P475,152 for the YZ450FX. 

Do note that these bikes aren’t street legal, and can only be operated in closed course racing environments, or in designated trail centers. For those of you looking for a capable dual sport from the Tuning Fork Company, you may want to consider the street-legal Yamaha WR155R, which retails for P169,000.

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