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Yamaha and CFMOTO join forces on new motorcycle company in China

Zhuzhou CF Yamaha Motor Company (ZCYM) is set to begin operations in November 2023.

Yamaha and CFMOTO join forces on new motorcycle company in China

Yamaha and CFMOTO, two prominent names in the industry, have formed a new partnership to establish a corporation dedicated to manufacturing motorcycles. CFMOTO, previously aligned with Pierer Mobility, notably KTM, for bike production in China, has seen significant growth alongside the Austrian brand. 

This collaboration has given rise to models like the 800 MT and 800 NK within the Chinese marque's offerings. With CFMOTO's recent successes, Yamaha joins their list of significant partners, further strengthening their position in the industry.

Team Blue, in collaboration with CFMOTO, has officially launched their joint venture named "Zhuzhou, CF Yamaha Motor Company (ZCYM)." This exciting partnership is built upon obtaining the necessary clearances and permits as required by competition and other regulatory laws. CFMOTO and Yamaha will engage in ongoing discussions to determine the strategic direction of this joint venture, with the goal of enhancing its competitiveness.

Yamaha and CFMOTO join forces on new motorcycle company in China

The ZCYM venture is set to commence operations in November 2023 and will be located at 76 Jia Ya Road, Lusong District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China, 412002. In terms of shareholding, CFMOTO will hold the majority stake at 50 percent, while Yamaha will be a minority stakeholder with 44.23 percent, and Tair Yea Limited will have a 5.77 percent stake. This partnership marks an exciting development in the motorcycle industry.

The selection of a representative for ZCYM is still pending, and around 500 employees will be part of this joint venture, responsible for overseeing motorcycle production and sales. While there are no official announcements from either Yamaha or CFMOTO regarding the venture's future, preparations are in progress. Both companies are expected to provide updates to the industry in the near future about their plans for ZCYM.

It's possible that CFMOTO might explore production partnerships with other significant brands, and we can anticipate exciting new projects from these two industry players in the pipeline. The future of ZCYM holds promising developments for motorcycle enthusiasts and the industry as a whole.

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