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Suzuki expected to roll out sport-tourer based on new GSX-S1000

Could the GSX-S1000F be in for a much-needed update?

Suzuki expected to roll out sport-tourer based on new GSX-S1000

A couple of months ago, Suzuki pulled the wraps off its new and improved flagship naked streetfighter, the GSX-S1000. Up until the latest iteration, Suzuki’s liter-class naked bike had all but been left behind by its newer, techier competition. At long last, the GSX-S1000 is now bestowed with looks befitting of its namesake, and performance and tech packaged at par with similar bikes in its segment. 

Following the launch of the new GSX-S1000, the bike was received with much acclaim, with a Web Edition of the bike selling out in just a matter of hours. Just recently, Suzuki launched a beginner-friendly iteration of the liter bike, in the form of the GSX-S950, which can be tuned to meet Europe’s A2 licensing standards. This time around, type-approval documents have been filed by the Hamamatsu company, indicating that a new GSX-S1000F is likely on the horizon. 

Suzuki GSX-S1000F

The GSX-S1000F has long been a popular choice among folks looking for a sporty liter-class bike capable of long distance riding. Not having seen an update in more than half a decade, it’s safe to say that the GSX-S1000F is long overdue for a facelift. That being said, what exactly can we expect to see in the upcoming liter-class sport tourer?

Well, Suzuki has yet to disclose any details officially, but it’s more than likely that the bike will be based on the new GSX-S1000. That means we will see new styling, likely designed to be svelter, sportier, and more aggressive. We can, however, expect the bike to retain its touring-oriented features such as its comfy seat and adjustable windscreen. New features such as LED lights as well as electronic rider aids will also more than likely make an appearance on this new bike. The outgoing Suzuki GSX-S1000F retails for P734,000. That said, given the new updates, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this price tag jump by a significant margin.  

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