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Suzuki to digitally launch its new motorcycles this Saturday

Four new motorcycles for 2020-2021 will be introduced by Suzuki.

Suzuki Philippines motorcycle launch

In the past couple of days, Suzuki Philippines has been teasing us about its upcoming motorcycles on its official Facebook page. With major events and gatherings still prohibited in the country, motorcycle shows that usually serve as a venue for motorcycle brands to launch their new motorcycles have now shifted to the digital space. This Saturday, on October 24, 2020, Suzuki Philippines is scheduled to launch four of its new motorcycle offerings for the year 2020 to 2021. 

Suzuki Motorcycles

During the past couple of days, blurred and shadowy images of their upcoming motorcycles have been posted on their social media page with people quick to jump on speculating the models of the bikes. Based on one of its posts, we can confirm that at least a new maxiscooter will be launched by Suzuki. The Facebook post explicitly said, “Get ahead with a maxiscooter you can afford.” with a shadowy silhouette of the upcoming maxiscooter. Suzuki’s followers were quick to react with clearer photographs of Suzuki’s popular maxiscooter offering, the Burgman

The other images being teased also include a new fully-faired sportbike, a naked standard, and a new underbone. Followers of its page are suggesting that Suzuki could be introducing 250 cc versions of its popular Gixxer, and GSX-R, with both bikes being offered in 150 cc displacements. 

Suzuki Motorcycles

In any case, all these speculations would come to an end in just a couple of days. Suzuki will be offering four new motorcycles this Saturday, October 24, to give the Filipinos the chance to move forward into the new normal with its latest motorcycle offerings. With the current transportation shortage, and the economy slowly being stimulated by the government to recover from the effects of the global pandemic, there has never been a better time to own a new Suzuki motorcycle. We’ll be sure to be tuned in to the official Facebook page of Suzuki Philippines for its news motorcycle offerings this weekend. 

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