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This concept from Vietnamese startup Nuen could be the future of electric motorcycles

The NU-E concept is lightweight, powerful, and efficient – features that appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts.

NU-E Electric Motorcycle Concept

Nuen, a startup from Vietnam, presents an intriguing perspective on the electric motorcycles of the future. Their concept model, the NU-E, prioritizes efficiency and performance by embracing a simplified approach. With its sporty design, lightweight structure, and robust motor, the NU-E incorporates features that modern motorcycle enthusiasts value. Nuen aspires to utilize this concept as a foundation for crafting the next generation of performance-oriented motorcycles.

While the NU-E is currently in the developmental stage, it's important to note that its design may undergo significant changes or even may not proceed to production. However, as of now, the NU-E concept showcases a futuristic and sporty aesthetic. It boasts an assertive rider triangle with low clip-on bars and rearset foot pegs that contribute to its aggressive appearance. Although it does not fall into the category of supersport bikes due to the absence of fairings, the NU-E embraces an ultra-minimalistic design. All of its internal components are cleverly concealed beneath the seat, where a traditional internal-combustion engine would typically be found on a conventional motorcycle.

The NU-E is equipped with an electric motor that delivers a maximum power output of 10 kilowatts, equivalent to approximately 13.4 horsepower. While this may initially appear modest, comparable to that of a 125cc gasoline-powered motorcycle, it is important to recognize that electric motors generate peak power consistently across the entire rev range, unlike gas engines that produce it only at certain points. Consequently, electric motorcycles offer incredibly precise responsiveness and the potential to enhance power for heightened performance. Nuen asserts that the NU-E is capable of reaching a top speed of 150 km/h, highlighting its noteworthy performance capabilities.

Nuen NU-E Electric Motorcycle Concepts

In terms of additional features, the NU-E incorporates suspension components sourced from KTech and EMC, along with ISR hardware for its brakes. Nuen has also taken an interesting approach to the bike's dashboard, or rather, the absence of it. In the NU-E concept, the rider's smartphone functions as the instrument cluster, and in the prototype model, it is attached to the bike using a Quadlock mount, likely equipped with wireless charging capabilities. This straightforward solution not only reduces costs but also contributes to the minimalist appearance of the bike, maintaining its sleek and simple design.

The NU-E electric motorcycle concept developed by Nuen boasts an impressively light weight of only 160 kilograms. This is unexpectedly lightweight for an electric motorbike of its size and specifications. The advantage of such a light weight is twofold: it contributes to the bike's speed and enhances its battery efficiency. Nuen claims that the NU-E can achieve a highway range of up to 300 kilometers on a single charge, showcasing its ability to maximize the usage of its battery capacity.

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