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CFMOTO expected to unveil KTM 790 Duke-rivaling 800 NK at EICMA 2022

Design drawings of the upcoming middleweight naked bike are taking the internet by storm.

CFMOTO 800 NK Design Drawings

CFMOTO’s been on a roll lately with its extremely enticing model range, more specifically, the 450 SR sportbike. Recently unveiled in the Makina Moto Show, the sportbike undeniably raises the bar—both in terms of styling and performance—in the entry-level sportbike segment. In fact, we think it has so much potential, that we wrote an article about just how this bike could revolutionize the sportbike game. Be sure to check that out here. 

CFMOTO 800 NK Design Drawings

To add to the excitement, CFMOTO displayed the NK-C22 streetfighter concept bike with the KTM LC8c motor last September. The concept model, though, doesn't appear all that different from the forthcoming production. After the Chinese manufacturer registered the design, four drawings with the designs showing minor alterations to the 800NK model's production version went viral.

As with the CFMOTO 800MT model, the engine is anticipated to be a KTM LC8c 799cc in-line twin-cylinder. In fact, CFMOTO is currently manufacturing the engine for KTM, and has done so for a number of markets, including locally available models of the CFMOTO 800MT and KTM 790 line of motorcycles. The 800NK produces 95 hp and 77 Nm of power, which is comparable to the 800MT's output. 

CFMOTO 800 NK Design Drawings

Unsurprisingly, the concept bike and the real bike that will go into production differ in a number of ways. For example, instead of having a single-sided swingarm like the concept model, it has a standard swingarm. This setup  offers superior handling benefits in addition to being more affordable to produce and easier to maintain. After all, CFMOTO needs to price its upcoming naked bike competitively. Additionally, the SC Project exhaust is replaced with a new single exhaust system on the production model, which is situated high towards the bike's tail. 

The production model also comes equipped with passenger foot pegs and a rather cramped looking rear seat. These characteristics are absent from the concept model, which was far more futuristic in terms of its styling. All things considered, the upcoming 800 NK should be a rather lightweight machine, tipping the scales at no more than 200 kilograms. In November of this year, it is anticipated to be unveiled at EICMA, one of the industry's most highly anticipated events.

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