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Petron launches motorcycle-only lanes in certain gas stations

Supposedly for the added convenience of the thousands of motorcycle riders in the Metro.

Petron launches motorcycle-only lanes in certain gas stations

These days, small-capacity, lightweight two-wheelers have been flying off showroom floors. As it would turn out, the global pandemic has forced people to look for their own personal means of transportation, especially given the increased risk of coronavirus transmission in public transport. That said, other than a bicycle, a motorcycle is the most affordable way to get around, especially if your commute consists of shuttling yourself around town. On top of this, the demand for motorcycle-centric food and parcel delivery services has skyrocketed. 

Given the sudden influx of motorcycles on Metro Manila’s streets, it’s only fitting that private corporations optimize their services to cater to the growing number of motorcycle riders in the country. We’ve seen McDonalds, Krispy Kreme, and other establishments offer services specific to motorcycle riders. This time around, Petron, the country’s largest petroleum retailer, has begun opening motorcycle-specific lanes in certain gas stations. The company posted the announcement on its official social media pages stating, ““For the convenience and added safety of our motorcycle customers, dedicated lanes are now implemented at select Petron stations. The same will also be implemented in more Petron stations soon!” 

With this, don’t be surprised if you begin seeing motorcycle-only pumps in certain Petron gas stations. It’s clear to see that Petron, headed by San Miguel Corporation, the country’s largest corporate conglomerate, is taking steps in order to provide a more streamlined and efficient customer experience. The logic behind the MC-specific gas pumps is perfectly sound, as it would prevent car drivers and motorcycle riders from queueing on the same pump. However, Petron’s latest move has garnered its fair share of criticism. 

Some concerned netizens have voiced their concerns regarding the new setup on social media, stating that the motorcycle-specific lanes may cause extremely long lines for motorcycle riders, as they won’t be allowed to refuel on other pumps, even if said pumps are vacant. While we’re sure, in situations like this, Petron would offer consideration to motorcycle riders, the petroleum company has yet to issue a formal response to this concern. 

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