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New bill seeks to make parking safer and more secure for motorcycles and cars

Parking establishments may be held liable for damages and losses occurring on their premises.

New bill seeks to make parking safer and more secure for motorcycles and cars

It’s common practice for parking establishments to display signs which explicitly state that the parking management does not have any liability when it comes to the loss and or damages of any of the vehicles parked inside the facility. Now, this is all about to change. A new bill has been filed which seeks to give parking establishments a certain degree of liability when it comes to the safety and security of the vehicles parked in their establishments.

House Bill 7725 (HB 7725), or the Parking Operations and Fees Regulations Act seeks to, among other things, give vehicle owners a greater sense of security when it comes to availing of the services of parking establishments, by making the parking establishments partly responsible for ensuring the safety of its premises for customers and their vehicles. On top of this, the bill also focuses on standardizing parking fees—as exorbitantly high parking rates have become a more and more common sight in recent years.

While the bill doesn’t explicitly put the entirety of liability onto the shoulders of the management of the parking facility, it does make it unlawful for the establishment to deny any liability, should any fortuitous event resulting in the damage or loss of a vehicle occur in its premises. Specifically, the bill sets standards when it comes to minimum safety and security requirements in parking establishments, such as fully operational CCTV systems, and roving security personnel to name a few. 

Should this bill be signed into law, we can expect the drastic improvement of the various paid parking facilities around the metro. With this, car and motorcycle owners can breathe easy knowing that steps are being taken in order to ensure the safety and security of their vehicles. With the pandemic drastically affecting each and everyone’s livelihood, ensuring the safety and security of our hard-earned investments is extremely important. 

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