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Kymco opens new production facility in Laguna

The Taiwanese scooter maker is expanding its capabilities.

Kymco opens new production facility in Laguna

The recent increase in demand for affordable and practical two-wheelers has posed as both a challenge and an opportunity for motorcycle manufacturers. To keep up with demand, changes have had to be made in importation, production, and distribution. Kymco is no exception. 

Kymco is known the world over for making some of the best value for money scooters in the market. Occupying a vast range of displacements, the Taiwanese company’s repertoire of scooters ranges from 150cc commuters, such as the Like 150, all the way to expressway-legal maxi-scooters, such as the Xciting 400i. 

Ever since the company set up shop in the Philippines, its base of operations resided in Tanyag, Taguig. Apart from being the company’s assembly and manufacturing facility, it also served as its headquarters and official showroom. To improve operations and increase production capabilities, Kymco has shut down its facility in Taguig, and moved to Nissan Technopark in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 

As of the moment, the new production facility in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is still under construction. With the inauguration date yet to be finalized, Kymco is gradually transporting its equipment and other production assets to the new location. Hopefully, Kymco’s newer, more technologically advanced production facility will enable it to produce more scooters, and keep up with the ever-growing demand for commuter scooters and maxi-scooters. 

Apart from its flagship showroom and headquarters, Kymco has a network of dealers situated all over the country. The brand encourages potential customers to get in touch with their nearest Kymco dealership to take a look at its latest range of scooters, to book a test drive, or to handle any service inquiries existing owners may have regarding their scooters. At the moment, one of Kymco’s best-selling models is the Xciting S 400i. Loved for its expressway-legality, tech features, and impressive performance, this maxi-scooter comes with a sticker price of P359,000. 

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