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SYM enters ADV scooter segment with new ADXTG 400

The adventurous maxi-scooter gets long-travel suspension and other ADV-inspired features.

SYM enters ADV scooter segment with new ADXTG 400

The adventure-scooter segment has witnessed a surge, attracting numerous new players, notably after Honda introduced the X-ADV in 2016, subsequently expanding with the ADV350 and ADV160 variants. Interestingly, Japanese manufacturers have mostly steered clear of this segment, paving the way for European, Chinese, and Taiwanese brands to dominate with their inventive models.

Peugeot joined in with the XP400, a rugged scooter that, while slightly underpowered, highlights the appeal of a versatile, go-anywhere ride. At EICMA 2023, Zontes showcased its 501 series of maxi-scooters, marking the entry of Chinese brands into the adventure-scooter realm. Interestingly, electric scooter brands like Gogoro also showed interest in this genre, exemplified by the reveal of their CrossOver model.


Taiwanese brand SYM stepped into the mid-size ADV scooter scene with the ADXTG 400, drawing inspiration from adventure scooters in its design. Sporting rugged bodywork, dual-purpose tires, long-travel suspension, and a stylish aluminum swingarm, it veers away from the usual scooter characteristics.

Propelled by a potent 399cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder engine that generates a confident 35 horsepower and 27 pound-feet of torque, the ADXTG 400 ensures a smooth ride. This is likely enhanced by a substantial counterbalancer, ensuring minimal vibrations. Its tech suite is robust, featuring Bosch ABS, traction control, and full-LED lighting, ensuring enhanced safety and visibility. Moreover, the inclusion of an emergency braking alert further solidifies its safety features. Notably, it offers the flexibility to disable rear ABS, catering to off-road adventures and providing riders with adaptable control in various terrains.


While SYM hasn't revealed pricing or availability details, the ADXTG 400 is expected to make its debut exclusively in the European market in 2024, a common trajectory for scooters in this class. Yet, its launch in the Philippines hangs in uncertainty as SYM tends to prioritize smaller-displacement commuters and scooters for the local market.

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