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Honda unveils all-new Winner X underbone starting at P123,900

The Winner X follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Supra GTR.

Honda unveils all-new Winner X starting at P123,900

Scooters and underbone motorcycles have long been the preferred choice for navigating the bustling streets of the Philippines, thanks to their inherent practicality and affordability. Understanding the significant role these vehicles play in the local transportation landscape, Honda, a leading player in this segment, is strategically positioning itself to further solidify its presence with the launch of the all-new Winner X. 

The Winner X steps into the shoes of its predecessor, the Supra GTR 150, as Honda's latest contender in the fiercely competitive underbone motorcycle segment. Directly challenging the Yamaha Sniper 155, it brings a formidable combination of power and performance to the table. Under its sleek exterior lies a robust 149cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder DOHC engine, delivering a punchy output of 15.4hp at 9,000rpm and a torque of 13.5Nm at 7,000rpm. This potent engine ensures an exhilarating riding experience, whether navigating urban streets or hitting the open road.

2024 Honda Winner X
2024 Honda Winner X

The Winner X is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, featuring an assist/slipper clutch mechanism designed to deliver smoother gear shifts, enhancing the overall riding experience. In terms of safety, it incorporates advanced features such as a bank angle sensor, which automatically shuts off the engine if the bike leans beyond 70±5 degrees on either side, minimizing the risk of accidents. 

Additionally, for enhanced braking performance, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is available in the higher variants: Winner X ABS Premium and Winner X ABS Racing. These safety measures not only provide peace of mind for riders but also contribute to a safer riding environment. As for pricing, the Winner X is competitively positioned in the market, with the base model starting at P123,900, while the ABS-equipped variants are priced slightly higher for added safety assurance.

2024 Honda Winner X
2024 Honda Winner X

The Winner X comes loaded with standard features aimed at enhancing convenience and functionality for riders. Among these are Honda's Smart Key System, which allows for keyless operation and added security. Additionally, the bike boasts full LED lighting, providing improved visibility and energy efficiency, especially in low-light conditions. Riders can also benefit from the digital instrument cluster, offering clear and intuitive access to essential information such as speed, fuel level, and trip data. These features not only contribute to a more modern and sophisticated riding experience but also underscore Honda's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The Winner X is available in three variants to cater to different preferences and needs: the base model, Winner X Standard, priced at P123,900; the Winner X ABS Premium, offering enhanced safety features, priced at P129,900; and the top-tier Winner X ABS Racing variant, priced at P131,900, designed for those seeking maximum performance. Furthermore, riders have the option to choose from a range of striking colors, including Pearl Iceberg White, Infinity Red, Matte Galaxy Black Metallic, and Matte Meteoric Red Metallic, allowing for personalization and individual expression on the road.

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